Sunday 25 October 2015

Autumn In The Poly Tunnel

 The Piquant Peppers from Dani are still doing well and are showing signs of starting to ripen
 The Sweet Potatoes are spreading and the tubers are swelling
 The Mange Tout that were grown from saved seed have put on a lot of growth
 and are starting to flower
 Tomatoes are still coming on although they have slowed down 
but are still ripening

 The Oca in the tunnel are only just flowering
 were the ones outside have been in flower for some time
 I have moved one of the pallet collars into the tunnel and made a raised are for carrots they have only just been sown
 Pak Choi is doing well, just picked some to have with tonight's dinner
 Radishes that were sown last week are now up
 The beetroot are becoming sturdy little plants
 Swiss Chard and Spinach mix are growing well
 some spare leeks planted for an early crop in the tunnel
 Chili peppers are still growing and ripening

As you can see there is still plenty going on in the Poly tunnel, I want to utilise it all year round, this is still its first year and very much a learning curve.

Now the clocks are changed the nights are drawing in 
the log burner is lit and it will soon be time to go through the seeds and start planning for next years growing season, I have made a few notes of what was successful, there is still plenty coming on in the veg garden and for our first year I am very pleased, we have managed to be self sufficient in the veg department and given a fair amount away as well.
I will do an update on the veg garden in the coming week.
We had a busy morning, the Alpacas have all had there injections, we have trimmed all there nails done a bit of harness training with the girls, the goats have started on there feet maintenance all cleaned up trimmed treated and they had a grooming session as well, the rest of the day I spent in the cabin and Martin spent it logging.
Time to sit and relax a bit now :-)


  1. Yay - your piquante peppers look good :)

    You certainly are able to prolong the life of your veggies in your tunnel. We wouldn't be able to have a poly tunnel here - the wind would blow it to bits!

  2. That's a fab amount of veg you still have growing Dawn, really impressive x

  3. It looks like the poly tunnel is definitely earning its keep, how lovely to have fresh home grown veggies the whole year round.

  4. You are a very busy person with such amazing skills. Your poly tunnel is producing amazing food still. I hope my greenhouse comes up trumps with the bits I've put in there. Put your feet up in front of the fire, a lovely cup of tea and a slice of cake.

  5. Everything in your poly tunnel looks like it's doing well, fab that you've still got tomatoes :-) The log burner looks so toasty, I wish I had one! x

  6. That polytunnel is amazing Dawn. Our Northern garden has finished for the season apart from the leeks, which we are still eating. We have tried growing winter greens in the past but they are never a success.


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