Tuesday 27 October 2015

Dark Nights Are Here Again

Sol went to the vet yesterday to get his stitches out, just a little scar on his eyelid
Once again a handsome fella, all the biopsy's they did have come back clear good news.

I made a big dish of Chili Con Carne yesterday
enough for dinner and Martin took some back to have during the week the rest as been portioned up and in the freezer.
When I went to make it I only had large tins of kidney beans
I used half the tin and the other half was washed drained and popped into the freezer to be used on a later date, when defrosted I just have to make sure not to stir them too much as hey are softer after freezing. 
You can do the same with baked beans pop any unused ones into the freezer.
With the clocks changing and the dark evenings are here it means animals are fed watered bedded down and dog walked by 5-30 given me more time for crafting and Martin time to pursue a few hobbies.
Last night he racked off the Pea Pod wine 
next week end he will be picking Sloes and starting off the Sloe Gin, this week I want to hunt out some Rose Hips for syrup, I also have the Apple Cider vinegar to see to, that is all I have planned for this week so far, pop over to my craft blog to see what I have been crafting in readiness for my next stall. What are doing with these long dark evenings ?


  1. Sol looks as sad about the early dark nights as I am!

  2. The dark evenings are cosy in some respects but depressing in another. I do enjoy crafting with either the radio or tv on in the background. I would love to do more home brewing too. I have 3 days off and if the weather is kind I will be in the garden.

  3. So pleased Sol is better and results great..dear chap he is rather handsome...love labs . Dark nights are a bit of a downer but at least loads of crafting time ...always a silver lining. Love the tips too. Xx. Also the makes from the cabin....love to see more of the Angels please ...

  4. Awww, glad it's good news for Sol, bless him. Archie's been standing in the kitchen waiting for his tea an hour earlier than usual since the clocks went back, I think I'm going to have to start easing him in to it in future. I do wish they'd stop messing with the clocks, I don't like these darker evenings. I've never thought about freezing baked beans, there's often half a tin left in our house as there's only me who eats them.

  5. Great news about Sol, these dark nights have made me change my dog walking route x

  6. Glad to hear that Sol is all OK. That is good news for you! Sounds as though you are still busy making the most of your time despite the darker evenings! xx

  7. Just showed someone around our garden with a torch! Dark evenings are not good for viewings :) Glad Sol got the all clear.

  8. I'm crafting too - currently crocheting socks for Tam's boyfriend for Christmas.

    Glad Sol's results came back OK, and he is mended. I've given up wine making now as I can't drink it, but I did enjoy wine making for many years. The sloes on my land have come to nothing, but I still have sloe gin in the cupboard from last year, and some sloes in the freezer. Raspberry Ratafia is fabulous too, and can be made with boughten frozen raspberries.

  9. Good news about Sol - bless him :) I love these autumn evenings, being able to snuggle up with warm food, a book or a good programme on telly. I too will be crafting very soon in readiness for Christmas. I'll have to go over to your craft blog for inspiration :)


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