Friday 9 October 2015

Not For The Squemish (warning)

Today was the day for the Nick Nack and Odd Job
We arrange for the vet to come out and do the castration deed.
There was two reasons for having this done,
the two boys had some nasty domination fights and after inflicting harm on each other they had to be separated, I could not justify any further injury's or even death.
The second reason Alpacas are herd animals I don't want to get into breeding endless Alpacas and if they all run together the girls would be worn down by constant attention and births.

We started the day with getting the boys into there pens all spread with nice new clean straw
Nick Nack wasn't happy being penned and tried to go over the hurdle, I think he could sense something was going on, so I went in to harness and tether him and I came off worse as he threw me against the fence
very unlike him he is usually very placid, this is my arm fairly sore that got wacked against the top wire.

The vet arrived with her assistant and we got to work 
It took a while for Nick Nack to go under and they had to give him some extra, its hard to judge the weight of an Alpaca.
 after a quick shave it was to the business in hand
 then it was time to sleep it off, Nick Nack looked so cute sleeping in his bed of straw.
 It was then on to Odd Job, he got sleepy straight away and didnt put up any resistance, the vet who was very chatty is very experianced with Alpacas, she gave them a nail trim as well, her assistant who was with her came from USA she is over her training as a vet, it was her first meeting with Alpacas, she left veternarian collage 4 weeks ago and this is her first placement.
I was expecting them to use purple spray after the op but they used a spray that looks like liquid metal, it has an aliminum base to it, it seals the area completly from flies and keeps the wound area sterile underneath.
Within half an hour the boys were back on there feet still a bit woozy and after an hour they were eating, a couple of months time they will be able to join the girls and be one herd together.

This afternoon we had to re-clip the turkeys wings they have gone through moult and there feather had re-grown.
They are very fast on there feet, so armed with a keep net it was Martins job to chase and catch and I did the clipping
Its a fairly easy job to do, we clip there wings to stop them flying up into the trees to roost.

That was all our fun and games today, I do hope you havent been offend with this post.


  1. Nik Nak wasn't going without a fight then. Bless. If you have some Witch Hazel rub it over your arm it will help the bruise come out quicker and so heal quicker. If you have sustained any cuts or nicks pop a smearing of pure honey on. Honey as you probably know is a natural antibiotic but it also assists with the healing. A job well done at the end of the day and you only have their welfare at heart. Been a busy day for you then. Take care.



  2. Ouch for you, and double ouch for the boys! Glad it went well and they were soon sitting up and taking notice. I bet you will have a stonking bill from the Vet's though!

  3. A great job to get done, I always use Witch Hazel but never on broken skin. I have popped a letter into the post to you, ref snowmen.

  4. Ouch! I bet that hurt a bit, hopefully it didn't break the skin anywhere? Glad it all went smoothly for the boys. Do they not have to wear cones like dogs? I probably need to clip the chicken wings again actually. Jet is brilliant with them but I'm not sure how he'd react if they were loose in the garden with him!!

  5. Awww, poor Nick Nack and Odd Job, it will be better for all concerned though. Your arm looks really sore, hope it heals quickly.

  6. I have separated lots of piglets from their "prairie oysters" but never had to deal with larger animals. A job well done, the arm looks nasty, I use arnica on bruises never tried witch hazel.

  7. Hope you are ok Dawn. Pleased the deed is done and you had a experienced vet. I'm not squeamish so a great interesting post.xx

  8. Your arm looks a bit sore. Hope it feels better soon. You two lead fun filled lives! castration and wing clipping all in one day. Time to chill!

  9. I told someone the other day...if Dave were alive, people would think I'm being abused. Farming means a huge assortment of scrapes, scars, bruises, contusions and those are the good bits!
    I've never seen a castration done like that; interesting. Around here my vet gives them happy meds and cuts them while they are standing. Much faster recovery, less drugs in their's all good!

  10. Never had to be around while an Alpaca was being neutered. Looks a bit like doing a colt though. We been letting the chickens fly if they want. Works out alright as long as we don't wait too late to try and put them up. If we wait until they start roosting on their own though we always get a flier or two way up in the barn rafters.


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