Saturday 24 October 2015

Confining The Goats

Visitors went home yesterday, now I am getting back to normal after a hectic week and noisy, when you are used to just silence it can seem very loud with children around.
It was lovely to see them all and see them enjoying our space and an opportunity to catch up on what they have been up to.
First on the list of today's chores was the goats, there has been a bit of lameness, this was becoming a problem to try and treat as I could not get near them and there was no were to enclose them, there paddock was too big an area to try and catch them.
So I came up with a plan, as it was going to be raining this morning and goats don't like the rain they would be in there shelter, so Martin ventured out and with a tall sheep hurdle snuck up and trapped them in there shelter, 
Next they were moved in there shelter with the forks on the tractor and re-homed in one of the bays in the side barn.
 this has all gone as intended, and now I can handle them and treat there feet.
As you can see Thelma has lost her horn, I don't know how, when I went to feed them the other day her horn was laying in the shelter, the kids have taken it home along with pine cones, shells, a sheep's jaw bone and the trimmings off next doors horses hoofs.
I don't like keeping animals confined but sometimes needs must, I will take the opportunity of having them confined to do lots of handling grooming and lead training, when they released  which wont be for a good few weeks hopefully they will be more tolerant of being handled.
Tomorrow will be the start of there new regime.
Tomorrow we also have some work to do with the Alpacas, I have a batch of injections to give them and some of those need nail trimming as well. 
The clocks are changing tonight, I have been slowly altering animal feed times to take the time change into account, that is the only problem with having a routine, they let you know when its feed time and they don't like sudden changes to routine.  Mind you neither do I.


  1. It sounds like you've got a plan. Glad you enjoyed your time with your visitors.

  2. Happy times with family are the best.....hope goes well with the girls ... Such a busy time for you right now, hope you get some "me" time.xxxoh and some quiet, if you miss the noise you can borrow my two..only joking!

  3. So, no time to recuperate then Dawn. However much you love your family coming to stay it is wonderful to send them off home.

  4. That's interesting I didn't know Goats could lose their horns without human help. Being able to get the little ruminants into a close in space is always a good idea. I am in the process of building a movable fence to trap the sheep in when they are inside the barn myself.

  5. I know what you mean about the clocks changing, but it suits us as we are often out and about VERY early indeed, and having daylight arrive an hour earlier than it would have done otherwise is a boon.

    I agree with you about keeping the girls confined until they are better handled and more biddable. Nothing is worse than a feral goat! unless that's TWO feral goats!!

    I'm so glad that the family were able to come and stay but I bet you are relishing the peace and quiet again now! We get used to talking to ourselves . . .


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