Wednesday 30 September 2015

Wednesday's Life Changing Thoughts ......

Do you like your own company? 
Living in a rural area you do spend a lot of time on your own, if you are a social butterfly you will struggle, I enjoy my own company sometimes too much, to the extent I could easily become a hermit cut off from civilisation, you don't have to become a hermit, I don't think it is really healthy to spend all your time alone.
Before we moved here I ran a shop I would deal with people day in day out and craved time alone, when we moved I had that time alone and loved it, I chose when I mixed with others and I did, there is lots of opportunity to meet with others in a rural community, if you have kids you will meet other parents at school and have the opportunity to get involved with after school activities.
Not having dependents at home makes it a bit more difficult
There is of course the WI 
There are gardening groups, walking groups, the local pub, local history group, book groups
You have to make the effort they are not going to find you, we have a local newsletter that is circulated by e-mail, it lists lots of things happening each month.
If you do have a smallholding and you have livestock your social life will be even less, days out will be non existent, holidays and week ends away you can wave good bye to, anytime you do want to get away you will need to arrange for some-one to care for any livestock you have, unless you have some really good friends or family to house sit.
I can go for days and have no-one but the animals to talk to, even more so in winter, I do even talk to myself, I am not the sort of person who needs to speak with my husband every day we don't even text a lot when apart, I really do enjoy my own company and I enjoy the company of my husband and when I choose friends and family.
Do you enjoy your own company or are you a social butterfly ?


  1. I love my own company! Despite being somewhat extrovert, I love to be alone so your life would suit me in that regard! xx

  2. I could be a hermit too. I find that my work really fulfils a lot of my need for interaction with people. Work and my family pretty well accounts for all my interactions and I am quite satisfied with that.

  3. I lived alone in the same place as I do now for quite a few years. Our nearest neighbours are out of sight in two directions. Mrs H is in her studio most days of the week, we see each other when she calls for a cup of tea.
    We go to town once a week and it is there that we socialise and interact with others. Both of us are only children so throughout our lives being alone was never a problem.

  4. We are isolated here too and we love it. Don't get too much alone time though but know I would still love the isolation if my circumstances ever changed.

  5. I enjoy my own company too but I don't think I would like the isolation of a truly rural setting. I would still like a village close by. As you say you can join groups etc. Perhaps if we'd made the move years ago to a rural location it would be different.

  6. I enjoy my own company but there's a difference between living in a rural setting where you don't have a lot of choice, and having neighbours but shutting your own front door when you want to be alone knowing the company's there if you want it. Although I like to be on my own, I wouldn't like it all the time.

  7. Rural isolation is a big problem here in Ireland. I miss things like a local pub, public transport, public phone box, a library bus, shop, street lights, community centre..

    Animals are very tying and you have to see to them morning and night, winter or summer and in good health or if you feel unwell.

    We live near houses. But it's all dormitory housing. People go to work miles away and spend their nights in their houses. The countryside is often silent in the day time. A lot of houses are holiday homes. I think deep down I would like to live on the edge of a village with some infrastructure and a local pub, shop and community even jobs. Great post Dawn!

  8. I could not tolerate people around me all the time. I spend five days a week living alone, often without any human company. I go into town once a week and that is a social occasion in itself, having chats in every shop and bumping into friends and neighbours. When hubs is home we are usually working at a companionable distance, sharing meals, evenings and walks together. Of course one must be neighbourly, you never know when you or they may need help.
    Many people believe that they would like rural isolation then find the reality a shock. I still hear of couples who buy into their dream life and then have the radio on all day because they can't stand the quiet. Gavin the post, tells of people constantly complaining because they miss the conveniences of urban life.
    You are very inspiring Dawn, and these blogs are inviting folk to question.

  9. I love being home alone, no one but my two cats, after all we spent loads of time making the place comfortable, luckily hubby loves being here, so me both get me time.

  10. Just wait until a collapse when internet services are gone. The social butterflies will literally go insane.

    I am like you though I could be isolated for weeks and not bat an eye. When I worked full time I also would live for those says I could be alone.

  11. My rule is that I like to speak face to face with at least one other person every day - apart from my husband that is - I see him every meal time when he comes in from the fields.
    Today his niece came to lunch and this afternoon I went for my weekly hair appointment so I made a total of two today.
    But yes, I do also like my own company.

  12. Like you Dawn , I spent my whole working life surrounded by and talking to people...I just love my own company....peace and quiet...I don,t think I could be a recluse but I love having the choice to choose who I spend my time with.xx

  13. I am more than happy with my own company. I don't even meet mums at school because the boys go to and from school in the local taxi mini bus, good seeing as Jon has the car most days. I am quite able to occupy myself and keep busy. But as well as that Jon is not a social butterfly either. We love being together with the boys and spending time as a family and struggle when we know guests sre coming, we enjoy them being here but are happy to be back to our simpe unit and that is how we love it.


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