Thursday 3 September 2015

Odds and Sods

Its been very much odds and sods the past couple of days, I am totally thrown out with my days of the week after the bank holiday and visitors.
Firstly the seeds I sowed in the poly tunnel last week
 The Mange Tout from saved seed is up and away
 A sowing of Pak Choi is up and away
 A sowing of Mint Lettuce a heritage seed is also up and away, I don't think it tastes of mint its suppose to be a nice crunchy lettuce, I am still watching for the beetroot and a red lettuce
The lentils are setting pods, there was just a few sown to experiment with, next year I sow a good bed of them, the chickpeas have had plenty of flowers but not set any pods.
slug numbers are on the decrease in the field, when I do the feed rounds I take my slug scissors with me and any I see in the field are cut in half, the wildlife must come and eat them because they disappear over night, this may sound cruel but I don't use slug pellets at all, some of the slugs were the size of church mice.
Now Jacket Potatoes 
That's what this is, I took to this idea after seeing frozen jacket potatoes in the supermarket, I do like a nice oven cooked jacket potato, so when I cook some I do a load at once in the oven, then once cool, put a cross in the top pack and freeze, I vacuum packed mine then when I want one I can zap it frozen in the microwave for a couple of minuets or just defrost and warm it through. They taste good.
What else have I been doing, well photographing and listing a lot of the shop stock, sold a good amount this week so it had to be packed and posted, it is a very boring job but it must be done, I have also been getting ready for the Village sale this Saturday, I have a regular stall there now and take some of the stock along with me, it is starting to show now in the storage unit that stock is going down. Thank goodness, this Saturdays sale in the village coincides with the village carnival and should be a busy day.
The two goats we are getting have now been serviced but have to wait a couple of weeks as we need to make them a shelter.
I think that is all my news up to date :-)


  1. What a good way to save money on cooking jacket pots.... I'm definitely going to try it. Jx

  2. I must admit I like the frozen baked potatoes but I would like to try your idea one day. I'm glad you've had some success with your lentils I hope you are able to get a worthwhile crop next year xx

  3. I hardly ever know what day of the week it is, I usually check my mobile. Shame about the chick peas but we have not had the best of years for growing, hope the lentils do something positive. I have a pair of slug scissors and a slug knife, I have seen Keel slugs 8" long and about 3" round, shame you can not eat them.

  4. I planted chickpeas several years ago and the darned things come up like weeds every year now. I have canning jars full of dried chickpeas. If the SHTF I think we could survive on all the volunteer chickpeas we get :)

  5. I love doing experiments especially when they are a success. As I always say you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

  6. The jacket potatoes are a fab idea, I love a good jacket and freezing ahead would be great. Have a lovely weekend x

  7. I got all excited then thinking I could plant some park choi, then realised you put them in the poly.....damn. Will have to get a poly one day.

  8. Good to catch up! I look forward to seeing more of the lentils. I hope that the chickpeas make some pods too! xx


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