Friday 25 September 2015

Just Enjoying The Sunshine

We are having a lovely spell of good weather,
 ideal for doing all those end of season jobs out side
I picked a selection of flowers from the garden
I am no flower arranger, they get popped into a jug and that's it.
Friday is when all the animal houses get cleaned out, 
its a lot nicer doing them when the sun is shining.
Thelma and Connie are settling in fine
They are getting used to the feeding routine
The now come up and investigate whats in the feed bucket
In about a weeks time I will start handling them
I hope to get them to walk on a leash and stand while being groomed and for feet inspections.
It will be a slow process but there is no rush.

I have got Odd Job and Nick Nack booked in for castration in a couple of weeks, the vet is going to come out here to do there operations and they will be put under general anaesthetic, In a months I will start re-introducing them to each other again and then the next step will  be letting them run with the girls, one herd together it will make field rotation a lot easier.
I nipped out today and got a few Tulip and Crocus bulbs and some winter flowering pansies, I have made a start on planting up the half barrels they are in place at the end of our drive.

I have been working away at stuff for the craft fair, a few people have asked about ordering some of the things I have added a new page to my craft blog with prices and ordering details.

They are promising us a lovely week end weather wise, I intend making the most it.


  1. The flowers are lovely and the goats even lovelier. I'm at work on lates Saturday and Sunday but will help hubby as much as possible in the garden before I go. I've ordered some pansies off the internet. I'll be going to the garden centre next Friday for a look for bulbs and other colourful winter plants.

  2. It is lovely weather here too. We need to sort out field rotation as well, all we need is for Lester to make the gates to close off the sections of field that are already fenced. Nice goats, by the way, and your patience will win the day with them.

  3. Couple of lovely ladies you have, lovely coats.

  4. Yes Maria, isn't the weather lovely! It makes EVERYTHING seem easier when there is a bit of sun. Went to my job training morning yesterday and ended up staying until 3pm because somebody was off sick, and got paid. I appear to have made quite a good impression so going back on Wednesday for one more training and then I think we may be good to go!x

  5. Your girls look in fab condition.....those names make me laugh.....the poor boys....hope they are good patients !!!! The weather is gorgeous isn't it , but boy don't we deserve it? Have a great weekend .xxx

  6. The goats are looking good!!! I always hate castration day I feel so guilty to the poor guys.


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