Tuesday 1 September 2015

They Call It Mellow Yellow..........

Yellow a lovely colour to go into Autumn with.
As the summer growing winds down we come into the bountiful Autumn harvests
Crook Neck squash, its the first time I have grown these yellow knobbly squashes there are more coming along as well, along with other squashes, now I just have to find a nice recipe that I can preserve them with.
On the subject of preserving how about some sunshine in a jar
Piccalilli I used a river cottage recipe for this Find It here
 I chopped 1kg of mixed veg, cauliflower, pepper, runner beans, courgette, cucumber and shallots yesterday and left them over night sprinkled in salt
 I made up the sauce with mustard and spices while the jars were in the oven sterilising
 mixed the rinsed and drained veg with the sauce it smells delicious
 packed into jars and left to cool, sunshine in a jar I do like piccalilli, I don't grow cauliflower because I find it an insipid veg but will eat it in piccalilli
more yellow sunshine Sunflowers, I only grew dwarf ones this year I had some left over seeds, some were reds and burnt orange but I much prefer the yellow ones.
We have had sunshine this afternoon after a wet start to the morning, I noticed in the poly tunnel the seeds I sowed at the end of last week are up more on that tomorrow.
Martin took the grandchildren home this morning on his way back to work, so its just me and Sol again, I am having a quiet night curled up with a book that Bovey Belle lent me.
I did have a lovely delivery of a rainbow in a box arrive this morning more of that on my craft blog.

I was asked about the baked Bananas I slice them through longways not piercing the skin on the back and fill them with chopped bits of chocolate, they are then wrapped in foil and popped in the oven at 180c for about 20 mins the skins should be blackened, peel back the skin and serve.


  1. My butternut squash a disappointing this year but hey ho. I'll grow more spuds instead. Love the look of your squash.

  2. So much sunshine!!! I will be interested to see how you preserve the squashes, I guess they are not the sort that store well just by themselves as things like butternut squash do. I am so enjoying seeing how you keep all your different foods, it is very interesting. xx

  3. I grew some giant Sunflowers a couple years ago. I had one that finally blew over in a storm I measured at 22 feet tall. I thought I had the largest sunflower in the world until I checked the records. I then found out I had maybe a slightly taller than average toddler. Man was I disappointed :(

  4. Thanks Dawn, think bananas will be a nice treat after first day at school. Maria xx

  5. A timely reminder that I do need to make a batch or two of piccalilli, I love it and I only have a small jar left from the last batch. Rain here today, so glad the grass got cut yesterday. I have been looking at dehydrators, I may have to ask for advice. There seem to be a lot on the market and very few reviews.

  6. That piccallilli looks gorgeous Dawn. I might try half that quantity as it looks quite effortless once the chopping is done.
    Thanks for the stuffed banana recipe - I shall definitely try that - maybe served with vanilla ice cream.

  7. Wow, the piccalilli looks amazing! :-)

  8. I love the look of those knobbly squash but I've never grown them myself. I haven't eaten picalilli since I was a child but I remember liking it so I'll have to try it again. Yours looks delicious.

  9. I like pickled cauliflower I always search for it. I like piccalilli too but don't eat too often I might try & make a couple of small jars worth xx

  10. I love piccalilli with some salty ham..... Mouth drooling .)


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