Monday 7 September 2015

Where Did The Week-end Go

Today I popped into town to get a few things and I had £8 of vouchers left to use in the garden centre they were going out of date in a few days.
I picked up these seeds 50p a pack
 and a tray of leeks and some Autumn planting onion sets
in total it cost me 48p
We have had glorious sunshine so the onions and garlic were wheel outside 
to enjoy some sunshine to help them dry out properly for winter storage
Martin fixed up the box that my young grandson made
its being used for keeping the Alpaca halters
He also fixed up a spare kitchen cupboard for me in the barn, we had a couple of spare ones they were still in storage, he brought one back with him this week
It gives me somewhere to store pickles and jams etc, there just isn't enough room in the kitchen, he is going to bring the other cupboard down next week, I can now see at a glance what we have.
For dinner I decided to use this packet of mix, I bought several variety's just before we moved thinking they would come in handy until we were more organised, I never used them as planned so before they go out of date I decided to use them up
 they were only 50p each, this one Moroccan Chicken just needed onion tomato and a couple of carrots just chop it all up mix the veg the chicken with the seasoning in a bag and pop in the oven.
 I served it with some celery home made Tzatiki and some garlic flat bread
The Tzatiki was lovely and a good way of using up a couple of cucumbers (they are still coming)
As for the Moroccan chicken not something I will be buying again, juicy it was not, Martin liked it I thought it was very dry and not much taste, I still have two of these packs in the cupboard to use one is for beef and there is another chicken dish, I don't hold out much hope for them.

Saturday I had my usual stall in village hall, it was a good morning I have been selling on line too and I can now see that the stock is going down, the money from the sale of stock is paying for the goats and I almost have enough for a big walk in fruit cage. Next will be another Poly Tunnel, after getting back the afternoon I spent in my cabin making up more items ready for the Autumn Craft Fair.
All the money I earn goes back into equipment and things for the smallholding, I don't see the point in using our savings for that, and when we can we will by used again its a pointless exercise just throwing money away on brand new unless you have money to throw away. I did get a lovely chicken house this morning for £60 second hand.
Sunday I spent in my storage unit, organising more stuff to sell and packing up things for posting, while Martin got the field cut and topped the neighbours field for them, the week-end has just flown by with the help of some sunshine lots done and more money added to the kitty.


  1. Fantastic and is as it so inspire me. Maria xxx

  2. I haven't had tzatiki for ages I used to really enjoy it. Its a pity your chicken thing was dry because it looks a lovely meal x

  3. I still can't work out how you have more hours in your day than I have in mine, perhaps you are far enough west to have an extra hour or two! :-)

  4. Love the onion drying rack - great idea. I might have to pop to tescos to borrow a trolley to make something similar! The cook in the bag stuff I tend to love - we've got loads of a paprika ones and I love using them.
    I've been selling off some tools and things I don;t use to repopose the money as well, I have so much stuff I don;t use anymore it seems daft to have it sat there.

  5. You do inspire us all, your energy and knowledge is fantastic, you deserve the success you have created.

  6. I could do with an extra shelf for jams and pickles! Now that you know the Moroccan chicken was on the dry side, you could maybe add additional juicy ingredients, tomatoes maybe? Or a bit of stock. I sometimes use a little cornflour as it seems to soften the meat and keeping it juicy. Totally unscientific probably. x

  7. Your pickle store is looking good...! Jx

  8. I do so admire your enthusiasm. Like you I find those packets pretty useless - but they are alright as you say in an emergency.

  9. Another busy weekend, you seem to fit so much in to your day, I don't know how you do it. It's great when you have vouchers to use against shopping, it's like getting things for nothing.

  10. Your onion racks look brill, great idea for drying them out, I hope the sun sticks with you a little longer! Shame about your chicken dish being dry as it looks lovely, hopefully the other one will be better :) Sounds like a very productive weekend for you :)

  11. Lots going on as always! I have never - that I can remember! - used any of those packet mixes, and I don't think that I will be after your thoughts. I prefer to mix up my own things. xx

  12. As always a joy to read. X love Maggie. X


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