Thursday 17 September 2015

Part 1 of 2 Post

Todays post is in two parts, the reason is I have been sewing all day so not getting anything done until the evening, I started this cooking this evening and will finish off tomorrow morning
First Off Blackberries 
 We dont need any more jam or jellies we have plenty in store so I wanted to make up a mix that could be used in pies or crumbles,  wash the blackberries throw them in the pan with some home made brown sugar  cooked until the juices were running then 
I added 3 tablespoons then I added some
 dehydrated peaches and a good spoonful of dried orange zest
 peeled cored and chopped half a dozen apples and threw them in as well, brought it to the boil remove from heat  then left for the peaches to soak up the lovely blackberry juice. 
I will show you what happened to them next in tommorrows post.

Now the apple peel and cores I could feed them to the chickens but would rather use them for us
I am going to make some Apple Cider Vinegar, leave the peel and core on a plate to go brown.
will continue tomorrow.

I cooked myself up a treat for dinner 
Double eggs and chips, real chips made from real potatoes, you know the ones you peel slice chop wash drain and pop into hot oil with lashings of vinegar and a sprinkling of salt, I was thinking of it all day, egg and chips yummy and home produced.

I had a little visitor at breakfast this morning 
can you see him on the back of the chair
 I happened to have the camera sitting beside me
I tried zooming in on the little robin but it hasnt come out very well

cooking continues tomorrow :-)


  1. Looking forward to part 2 Dawn, I managed quite a few rows of my beanie and 4 crochet squares yesterday. I am avoiding the ironing though, I am sure that it would be a step too far ;-)

  2. I'm looking forward to part two also, I've made a start on some Christmas presents one I hope to finish off today. Egg & proper chips is one of Mikes favourite meals, he would love yours. Did you have proper bread & butter too? x

  3. Yum, egg and chips, but where's the beans? Can't have egg and chips without beans.

  4. I love the way robins adopt you.
    That mix looks delicious too.

  5. Now you got me wanting "chips" as well. And eggs too.

    And bacon

  6. I yearn for DIY egg and chips when I am tired! But since we have our own lard I tend to do oven chips rather than use precious lard stocks up by heating up a pot of it for chips. I must say though, that chips done in a pot are far better than chips done in an oven.

    Good idea about using dehydrated fruit to sop up the blackberry juice. Will remember that tip when I start using blackberries from the freezer.

  7. Yummy looking blackberry pie filling and I am just a little inquisitive how you make apple cider vinegar! Eggs and chips (proper chips) my favourite. Might even have that for our tea tonight.
    Cath from Cath@Home

  8. Blackberry pie filling looks yummy - I can't add sugar due to OH type 2, but we're all used now to no sugar - I sometimes add an apple which help to give it all a bit of substance. I saw my first robin today too!

  9. Egg chips and beans is my last supper meal. I know I'm easily pleased. Some people would want steak. Not me. Catching up on all the posts.


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