Tuesday 15 September 2015

A Bit Of An Excuse

Sorry I haven't been blogging so much, I have an excuse, I am sewing like mad tying to build up stock for the Autumn Fair in a few weeks, samples on show in my craft blog.
Anyway back to business
No goats yet, we were expecting to take delivery yesterday, one of them came into season again so she as been put back to the Billy and we hope to take delivery at the week-end
Martin has built them a shelter and had it all ready with straw and water
There new rack arrived this morning, I wanted a corner one, I have propped it in the corner so you can see it, I was looking for a second hand metal hay rack but it was cheaper to buy new from Ascott rather than second hand, I also got a voucher off them for a free delivery.
I have in Goat feed so we are ready to go just need goats now.

Sunday the chimney sweep came out, he did a power sweep of the Rayburn chimney and did a fantastic job, While waiting for him to come Martin and me did a good clean out of the Rayburn, he did a normal sweep of the log burner its only used through winter were the Rayburn is only out 2 days a year and that is when the sweep comes.
I had a 3-4 month delivery of Alpaca feed arrive this morning and last week when I bought in poultry feed I stocked up on extra.
I will stock again in a few weeks I am aiming to have enough animal feed by November to see us through winter. I should be having 4 euro bales of hay arriving in the next week or so and a big bale of straw.
The wood stocks are looking good as well, freezers and cupboards are full, empty raised beds are clear and dug over, so winter preps well on the way.

The new POL chickens are just starting to lay.
All is good on the Ranch, time to walk the dog and pick some blackberries  :-)


  1. You're really well organised, well done. We're getting more organised, slowly.

  2. Great stuff!! Looking forward to seeing the goats , hope they arrive safely and sorted!! Getting cold here in the evenings, still resisting putting on the heating......
    Maria xx

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your goats. It seems we're all picking blackberries at the moment and why not? A great free resource x

  4. Sounds as though you are getting all set for the change in seasons! xx

  5. I expect winter can be bad for you so it makes sense for you to stock up so much with animal feed, At least its one less thing to worry about. I'm looking forward to seeing your goats, you must be really excited.x

  6. You're like me - I like to have a good stock of everything before winter sets in. Autumn always has me making jams, jellies and chutneys - I can't resist it! Apparently we are in for a bad winter again - shades of the last El Nino wintger in 2009/2010 when we had a foot of snow on the ground. Then it rained, and froze again and the place was like a skating rink - you just couldn't stand up without holding onto something. That was the winter the central heating boiler went caput on Christmas Day . . .

    The new shelter looks great and I hope it's not too long before the occupants arrive.

    I have now found a couple of good bramble patches and have the jelly bag out tonight. Hope to see you again soon.

  7. Winter preps going well here too - in the throes of jam/chutney making. The blackberries however have been and gone - while we were away in UK!. Managed to get about a half kilo, that's all, so only made two jars of bramble jelly which kids have managed to work their way through in five days!

  8. It sounds all go there are the moment. It will be good to have everything stocked up for winter so you don't have to think about it then. Looking forward to seeing the goats.

  9. Goodness you have been busy. Yous are a good planner so I´m sure everything will be a success.

  10. I look forward to photographs of the goats when they arrive.

    Your Rayburn cleaning made me smile - I sympathise - our Aga is only switched off (it is oil fired) when the man comes to service it and that is when a frantic clean takes place - otherwise it is too hot to effectively clean.

  11. You are expecting to be snowed in this winter, the roads are hell when ice is about, best to expect the worst. I love watching goats, my friends mum had a herd and I could watch them all day.


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