Saturday 12 September 2015

Wasp's Alpacas And A Blackberry Picker

This was suppose to be yesterdays post, but I was busy busy and didn't get it done.
After the fiasco with the wasp I did a bit of research into a Bee friendly wasp trap
and yesterday morning get set straight away making one
 Cut the top off a plastic bottle, I had to hunt round in the bin for one that came from some of our visitors
 invert the top into the base and make a hole on each side very carefully I sliced my finger open with the knife
push a stick through and tie a bit of sting on for a handle, now the bait is the important stuff, this time of year lemon juice water and sugar, the bees wont go to it because of the lemon juice but wasps will you can use vinegar instead of lemon juice, early summer the bait to use is meat as the wasps are hunting for protein to feed there young, the trap has to emptied on a regular basis, they say to burn the wasps as they can still sting or add them to the compost heap.

An update on baby Kara
 She is growing into a lovely young Alpaca, she has a good stance with knees together
 This past week we have noticed she is starting to eat grass although mum is still he main source of food. She will feed of mum for about another 7-8 months.
 Her best playmate is Liberty
They are often hanging out together, both are very inquisitive and friendly.
I just thought I would show you this 
My foot on the left, Adult alpaca poo and Kara's little offering at the top like a big blackberry
poo picking every day gives us the opportunity to spot if there was any digestive problems with any one and also helps to prevent the build up of parasites in the paddocks.
They use a communal dung area the girls have about 3 or 4 areas and the boys have a couple.
What is Sol up to
 He has found the delights of foraging
And now helps himself to Blackberries on his walk, does anyone elses dog do this? in summer it was wild strawberries and blueberries.

I have been busy busy in the cabin building up some stock for the Autumn fair in a few weeks, also selling lots of shop stock, I feel like I am chasing my tail a bit.
Chimney sweep is due tomorrow and Monday the goats should be arriving.
have a good week end :-) 
P.S a big thank you to the 100 followers and to those who pop in for a visit


  1. When i was a child we were forever getting an earbashing for eating peas out of the pods on the vines and for pulling raspberries and leaving the hulls hanging. Then one day my Granny caught the dog wriggling on her tummy along the peas and popping pods then sucking the peas out. She checked the raspberry canes and there were lots of paw prints as evidence. Looking forward to seeing the goats arrive, they are lovely creatures.

  2. Your alpacas look so cute..... would love to have one here so I can spin some alpaca wool but our place is only just about big enough for the animals we have let alone any extras. As for the wasp trap, you might also catch hornets as well...if you have any in your part of the world. Good luck with those wasps and hope you catch loads.

  3. I love that Sol helps himself to on walk snacks! How funny!!! xx

  4. Dear little Kara is so pretty. As are the rest of the crew and Liberty is sweet. Enjoyed the photo of Sol foraging.

  5. Good info on alpacas - didn't know any of it - we have a few round here and they are all interested if you walk past.
    Wasp trap is also fascinating. The farmer has just walked past me andtold me that he has caught a big rat in the trap in the veg garden this morning - oh dear, this means they are starting to come in for the winter.
    Dog eating blackberries - never heard of that before.

  6. Hi Dawn

    Re the wasp traps you have just made me realise something. My grandfather kept bees, as did my uncle and my Dad. There were always jam jars strung through the orchards where the bees were and particularly in the plum orchard, Thinking back they were only ever filled with wasps - never saw any bees.

    I also have been trained in the basics but sadly so far never been able to keep them. We live in rented accommodation and although the garden is big enough to support a hive the next door neighbour is a different matter. They get twitchy about all sorts of natural things and as the neighbour has a dodgy ticker if I were to keep bees and they were to come home at night en masse or to swarm i think it would cause mass panic and problems with the at the moment I am erring on the side of caution. But one day - I have a family tradition to keep moving forward. Fascinating industrious little bodies and so so essential to our way of life.and to our food crop. Even now I always keep honey in but always try and obtain it from a Local Supplier or a Lincolnshire honey. I can still remember breakfast at my Nan's thick slices of toast prepared on the Rayburn covered with butter and Pop's honey. Yum they were the days. Pattypan x

  7. Our labs and jack russell all like foraging wild strawberries blackberries,cant wait to see pictures of your goats. Rose.

  8. Awww, Kara is beautiful. I had to chuckle at Sol helping himself to everything the hedgerow has to offer. Archie used to help himself to green tomatoes off the vine in the garden when he was a puppy, as well as most of my flower heads. He's since grown out of it, thank goodness.

  9. I had to go catch up on your wasp problem - dang! I like the design of your wasp trap and hope it works. Mine was similar but without inverting the top of the bottle. But I didn't catch any wasps. Yesterday they bees were very busy bringing in lots of pollen. Now our cool snap reminds me that I need to get a mouse guard on pronto.

  10. Your alpaca baby Kara is so cute. We have a wasp problem from Spring thru late Autumn so I am going to make a couple of those traps. Have to go out and buy some pop first as we don't drink it as a rule. We have had three cooler days here which have been wonderful. Going to warm back up in the week but should start cooling again the following week. I am ready for it!

  11. Oh Sol is so funny I know my dog doesn't forage but he does like to nibble at some grass. Kara is extremely cute & I'm looking forward to seeing your goats x

  12. old golden retriever used to pick and eat blackberries...also runner beans and apples...come to think of it she also used to fetch in the odd egg very carefully then drop it in the porch...oops mum well I may as well eat it now it's cracked!


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