Thursday 30 July 2015

Cooking More Courgettes

We have visitors arriving tomorrow for the week-end, I don't want to spend the tie that they are here cooking and doing chores, so I have been trying to get ahead of myself, poultry houses have all been cleaned out today usually a Friday job, picking and preparing veg for the freezer, beds stripped washing done dusting done.
I made up a batch of Courgette and Garlic soup that we can have for lunch a good excuse to use up some of the courgettes, Its a lovely smooth creamy soup but no cream needed.
2lb of courgettes chopped
8-10 large garlic cloves sliced
2 onions sliced
2 pints of chicken or vegetable stock
tablespoon of butter
1/2 tsp of ginger powder 

melt the butter add the onions and garlic, cook until they are softened, add the courgettes
cook over a low heat until the courgettes are soft
Add the stock cover and simmer for 45 mins
remove from heat add the seasoning and ginger powder
blitz it up until smooth, serve with a nice crusty bread and sprinkle on some fresh chopped parsley
I had some for lunch today and it was yummy.
I have cooked up a batch of beetroot ready for salads at the weekend, tomorrow I will make some more bread and batch of coleslaw.
Make the beds up whip round with the hoover then I will be ready for visitors.
A little job for Martin at the week end is this
Up on the high end of the barn a Wasp Nest it seems to be growing daily and is now the size of a small football, I am getting dive bombed by wasps when I go into the barn for the animal feed, sorry about the picture quality I had to zoom in a lot as its high up, to high for me to deal with.
later on tonight I am popping next door with my bee suit to deal with a wasp nest that is in there tool shed its about the same size. 
Sol is staring a me and grunting it must be time for a walk :-)


  1. Gosh, it sounds like wasp central where you are then. The soup has mopped up a few courgettes from the mountain, and I hope the weather is nice for you and your guests over the weekend.

    1. Yes as quick at I use the courgettes there are more to replace them :-)

  2. Although they are a pain, don't you think wasps nests are such incredible structures. I'm sure we have one around somewhere but haven't tracked it down yet

    1. They are fantastic structures and to think its all made from wood pulp as well I just wish they would set up nests in the forest or woods and not in our buildings :-)

  3. Don't like wasps, nasty stingy little things, they spoil the fruit and seem to make a straight line to me. What bad luck to have 2 nests to deal with. The soup sounds tasty, I may have to have a bash at that.

    1. It is one of the best courgette soups I have tasted :-)

  4. Hope that you have a great weekend with your guests! Sol certainly looks as though he is giving you a "take me for a walk now" kind of stare! Perhaps he was trying to hypnotise you to take him out! xx

  5. We have had an inordinate number of wasps this year too. They've been building nests everywhere!

    I have to say that the soup idea is very clever. Looks like pea soup, a favorite. Will have to try this one too, because zucchini is always abundant. :)

  6. Your soup recipe sounds delicious.... I'm definitely going to try it out Jx

  7. We have had this conversation at home many times 'Just what are wasps good for? What do they do to be useful?, me 'nothing, kill them all'

  8. I'm wish I had courgettes. :0( I think I've solved the problem regarding pollination at last. Perhaps I'll get some now!

  9. Your recipes for courgettes make me want to try them again , it's not a veg I like. As for wasp I'm with you, I am allergic to their sting, much prefer bee's.


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