Saturday 25 July 2015

Courgette Recipe

The recipe I should have really posted it yesterday but didn't think anyone would be that interested.

Courgette Bhaji
roughly a 1lb of courgettes
a couple of onions I used red
plain flour
large egg beaten (I used a duck egg)
cooking oil
Curry Paste I used Garam Marsala (if you haven't go paste mix a couple of tablespoon of powder with a little oil what you don't use keep sealed in the fridge)
Mango chutney
garlic or fresh coriander or chili flakes whatever takes your fancy

Grate the courgettes and leave in a sieve or colander over a bowl for a couple of hours for the water to come out, then give them a good squeeze 
Chop onions and fry in a little oil until soft.
In a bowl mix the courgette with the onions, the beaten egg, tablespoon of curry paste, tablespoon of chutney and whatever seasoning you are going for about a tablespoon again, start adding flour spoonful at a time mixing as you go you want a thick splodge consistence 
heat your oil in a pan for deep frying, when it is hot a tablespoons of the mixture to the oil I do 3-4 at a time fry until golden brown
when cold you can freeze and re-heat in the oven 
They are not true Bhajis but its a great use for courgettes and they are really tasty.

Today was a day of catching up chores outside while the sun was shining
 I harvested some beetroot a nice haul these are thinnings there are still more to come, tomorrows job is to get them boiled up.
 I built a frame across one of the beds and fixed netting for peas, got the peas sowed and planted out some Kale, broccoli and sprouts, I also sowed some more beetroot spinach and chard in one of the beds were there was some space from crops that have been harvested.
 Made a start on a cinder path between the raised beds, just weed membrane and the cinders and ash from the Rayburn are then added to the top, I did the same for a path in the poly tunnel, over time I will get all the areas around the raised beds done it beats buying in gravel and makes use of the ash and cinders pile
I checked on the bee hives, we had an empty hive sitting in the apiary, I noticed some activity around it and upon investigation found a swarm had set up in there, but instead of using the frames that were in the hive they have built there own comb in the space were frames were missing, I will have to move the comb onto frames when we get our next fine day.
Martin is not home this week-end he has an open day at the fire station tomorrow, it seems like its been a long week so far, we have friends coming to stay next week end.
All that's left to do today is walk the dog shut everyone in for the night have dinner I have a curry in the oven.


  1. Thanks a lot for the recipe Dawn, I'll definitely be making those.

  2. Recipe sounds lovely......if I only had some courgettes ha ha. Have a lovely evening.

  3. Thanks for posting the recipe.....will have a go when I have a gap of time.

  4. I like the Bhaji recipe, I think they would be a bit lighter than those made with gram flour. The cinder and ash paths took me right back to my childhood, that is just how we built the paths up. My raised beds should be made soon.

  5. Like Pam your cinder path took me back to my childhood our garden was on a slight hill and mum used them at the bottom path to keep it dry and ensure we could walk on it in winter. Am I the only person who does not like courgettes I went off them a few years ago

  6. I make my own onion bhajis but never thought to add courgette so I'll be doing that next time! Are you canning any courgettes this year?

  7. Thanks for that - off to pick my courgettes!

  8. You got a volunteer swarm! How cool is that! Interesting that they prefer to draw their own comb, LOL

    The zucchini recipe looks like a must try. And the cinder path brings back childhood memories for me too. Looks like an excellent idea for your garden and poly tunnel.

  9. Thank you so much for that recipe. Did you say they froze as well? I have a large courgette which grew like Topsy when I was away in Sheffield last weekend. I could use that up, or put half in a Chocolate Courgette Cake.

    Good news about your new bee colony.

    What do your Alpacas think of today's wonderful weather?!!!

  10. I think that we were all very interested in the recipe! Shows that you never know what is going to be popular in blogland doesn't it. Thank you for sharing it! xx


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