Tuesday 21 July 2015

Winkles and Prawns

Yesterday afternoon we took time off and took ourselves off to the sea-side
We don't have the time to go away for week-ends and holidays are a distant memory, an afternoon afternoon out is a lovely change of scenery,
We headed to Aberareon, a small fishing port between Cardigan and Aberystwyth, Down lots of twisty turny roads, we stopped to admire this tree
Decorated in fungi bracts you couldn't miss it right on the side of the road.
Aberareon is a picture postcard town
There was a warm breeze and plenty of tourists
 Sol was relaxing enjoying the sea air
Down on the beach we collected Winkles off the rocks
They were later cooked up and soaked in vinegar
The beach is a mixture of stones and sand there wasn't many people on the beach
Along the harbour there was lots of children crab fishing
We had a lovely wander around and stopped at a cafe for something to eat, 
A lovely prawn baguette a real treat, I haven't had one in over a year it was really scrumptious.
We then took a drive over to Llandranog for an ice cream, its our favourite place for ice-cream, then time for home to waiting animals with empty tums.



  1. Glad to hear you both had a nice afternoon out, you both work so hard

  2. What a lovely change for you, it must have done you good. :-)

  3. À change is as good as a rest. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to enjoy what you've got.

  4. I love Aberareon have not been for a few years but can feel it calling me back.

  5. Oh, a prawn baguette - sounds yummy!!

  6. I too like to think of you taking a bit of time out. You always seem to be working so hard, I don't know how you do it! I don't think I've been to Aberareon, but it looks lovely :)

  7. It's lovely to have a brake away from home, prawn baguettes are a favourite of mine Its always a struggle to find a good one x

  8. Love winkles. Haven't had any for about 40 years! Fond memories of my childhood and young adult life.

  9. We like Aberareon, the houses are all different colours around the harbour. Have you been to Tresaith? there is a waterfall coming down to the beach.

  10. Winkles, I haven't had them since I lived in the UK about 50 years ago. Loved winkles and mussels in vinegar at the seaside. Nice that you were able to have a little break and get away for the afternoon.

  11. Oh I LOVE Aberareon... I stayed in the area with my parents a couple of years ago and had an amazing time. Have you visited the National Trust house a couple of miles in land? We also loved the quilt exhibition in Lampeter. Jx

  12. Sounds like a great afternoon! You always need ice cream on a day out, it isn't a day out otherwise! xx


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