Tuesday 7 July 2015

Hot Stuff......

Last night I popped to Tesco to do my shop, I find doing it at night suits me better and saves me losing half a day going into town. While shopping I noticed they had bags of Watercress reduced from £1 to 10p 
 I got the bags out this morning planning on making some Watercress soup, two of the bags turned out to be Spinach Rocket and Watercress mix, so I popped them into the dehydrator
a few hours later all done
they will come in handy for future soups
the bags of watercress I turned into soup
when I was checking through the watercress some of the stems had started growing roots
so I popped those into a glass of water to grow on.
I haven't grown any this year although I have the seeds.
I headed down the poly tunnel today as it was a day of showers and sunshine, I needed to sort out the tomatoes 
They were all a bit of a mess, I always check and remove side shoots but some seemed to have escaped my notice I also needed to twist them up and remove some of the bottom leaves to let some air circulate and get some sunlight to the fruits 
I also did some weeding, I stopped at lunchtime for a much needed
Bacon and mushroom sandwich with lashings of brown sauce
then back into the tunnel this time with a load of dried egg shells
I broke them all up and sprinkled them around the tomatoes and peppers then topped dressed with Alpaca poo
It all looked nice and airy afterwards with both doors open plenty of air can now circulate around the plants, I went to work on the other side of the tunnel while I was there taking some of the large leaves off the courgettes and pick a nice bunch of courgettes 
when I took them up to the house I grabbed a pint of water to drink its hot work in the tunnel and cooled off with 
A nice ice lolly made with home made blackcurrant cordial.
Back to tunnel to tidy up
this was what I took from tunnel
The mange tout in the tunnel that I thought were red pods are yellow pods and almost ready for picking, they have lovely red and mauve flowers.
Now on to these 
Sweet potatoes, they have just gone in, there is a story to these, back in January I pre-ordered  Onions, Potatoes Asparagus and Sweet Potatoes from Sutton's, the potatoes and onions arrived at the allocated time, the Asparagus I spent a couple of weeks chasing them on the phone being told they were running a few weeks behind, eventually they came, Sweet Potatoes were due end of May, May came and went and no sign I phoned them, I was told there was a delay because of the late spring and they would be sent out end of June, June came and went no sign of them, I phoned again and was told they were being dispatched, next I know I received a cheque refunding my money and a later telling me there suppliers had let them down and they would send me sweet potatoes next year free of charge. That's isn't much use to me this year, I got straight on to Thompson and Morgan and they had some as plants not slips so ordered them, they have an excellent root system and I hope in the poly tunnel I will manage to get a harvest from them. Needless to say Sutton's is now off my list.

The courgettes have been chopped and sliced and are now in the dehydrator.
All that's left is to walk the dog, have dinner shut up the poultry have a shower then my day is finished.



  1. Whew - after all that I'm sure you're going to enjoy shower ;)

  2. wow you have been busy. I need to get out and tidy my tomato plants, they have gone wild.

  3. What a busy day, you make me tired to read it! What do egg shells do for tomatoes?

  4. Suttons seem to take ages to send things out don't they! Thomson and Morgan also do the Tesco boost thing were a £5 voucher becomes £15 so that can make things a bit cheaper as I find them quite expensive. Tidied my tomato plants tonight as well. Well the indoor ones. The 60 outdoor ones can wait until the morning!

  5. Mmmmm, did you take time to breath, You certainly leave me breathless.

  6. ....and that was a good and productive day, much better than ours are at the moment because we are currently swamped by high temperatures and high humidity which is slowing us down almost to a stop!

  7. People tell me I'm busy, but you've fitted my 4 days work into one!

  8. What do you do in your spare time ? ha ha

  9. Busy busy. I saw some broccoli, cauliflower and carrot prepared veg when I visited Tesco the other day reduced to 6p a bag. I couldn't pass that up so bought four bags, split them all and froze them for emergencies when I don't have any veg of my own to use. That's very naughty of Suttons, they should have just told you they were having problems with their suppliers from the start. Glad you managed to get some plants in the end.

  10. Great haul. I like the look of the bacon buttie best, especially with brown sauce.


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