Thursday 9 July 2015

Enough To make You Cry

Yes today was the day when I decided to take up the shallots, 
they were just starting to go to seed
 Longmor and Yellow Moon
There is loads of Shallots there perhaps more than we will use 
There is still another crop of them yet in the ground
These ones who's name escapes me is not going to seed I will leave them in the ground to die back
the others I will leave in the sun to dry off.
 Garlic is coming along great and the foliage is starting to yellow
Red onions are looking very good
 And the main onions have swelled up lovely
 These ones in the above photo were put in a bit later but have caught up with the others
I cleared the leeks out not the biggest but still a good crop

there is going to be a lot of tears when all those onions that are going to be pickled are peeled. 

On yesterdays post I mentioned wild Blueberries 
This is them, the shrubs don't grow much above a foot and you find them in woodlands, forests and heath land, if you are not sure what you are picking don't pick and eat them, 100% identification is needed when out foraging, you can always pick a few leaves and berries take them home and search on the Internet for identification. 
And for those who have never seen wild strawberries before 
they are the same as our garden strawberries only the plants and fruits are a lot smaller.
Stay safe when foraging.


  1. Oh wow! hopefully mine will start to look like that next year :) Lucky thing :D xxx

  2. I have picked wild strawberries most days, I have a few in the garden and will be adding to them. I am told that there are wild blueberries on the mountain close by so will be heading there soon. My few days driving all and sundry all over everywhere has left me looking forward to tomorrows visit even more than I was already.

  3. Thanks for that Dawn, what I have spotted are definitely NOT blueberries. I'll keep my eye on them, I'm thinking they may be wild damsons.

  4. Hah - you have far more of a crop of onions than me, whose only ones are Spring Onions which need to be harvested and frozen.

    It was LOVELY to meet you and Pam again this morning and thank you for the dehydrating tips. I will be asking lots more questions I am sure.

  5. I pulled up about 20 onions yesterday as they'd gone all straggly. Some are huge a and others small. But i'm pleased as the bag I bought was 25p end of line. There us still about 30 plants left to harvest.

  6. My shallots haven't come to much this year but my onions are great. I've still got shallots left from last year as they're much more effort to use. Must go net my blueberries!

  7. Wow, you've done well, the only tears being cried here are about the size of my poor onions after the rabbits ate ALL the greenery off them. I've had to harvest the lot while they are still tiny.


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