Tuesday 14 July 2015

A Day In The Clouds

Clouds are not nice soft fluffy things they are soaking wet through and through, when you walk through a cloud you get wet through.
Today has been a day of low cloud we have been enveloped by low clouds that just leak moisture, it is not rain, its wetter than rain.
Doing the feeding rounds this morning I got soaked through, there is no wind and its not cold just wet, I got soaked through again at the afternoon feed round and again this evening when walking Sol.
Wet jackets and boots are decorating the kitchen with the lovely aroma of damp dog.

As its not been a day for being outside, I have done a bit of spinning
I am still working my way through Miss Daisy's fleece

When I wasn't spinning I was sorting out stuff and putting it away in the attic, when I wasn't sorting, I was out collecting Alpaca feed or having a cuppa with the neighbours.
Time for some dinner now then back out into the cloud for another soaking while I put everyone to bed. 
Hopefully the cloud will lift tomorrow :-)


  1. Sorry to read that you got so wet. At least you got lots of spinning done (and good it looks too!) We had to go to Brecon, so went on to Hay-on-Wye for lunch, and it stopped raining all the time we were there!

  2. We were enveloped in it as well, at least it is warm, I can almost hear the weeds growing.

  3. Your in Wales, I thought you had more misty days than sunny.

  4. We had a pretty Mitty day and this morning isn't looking much better either :( hey ho, the plants are enjoying it!

  5. How exciting that you're spinning from your own Alpaca fleece , I hope it's brightened up for you today x

  6. I've never walked through a cloud, it's actually something I would like to do, but not whilst struggling to feed animals and generally try to get the day to day things done.

    Thank goodness we live on this side of the road at the bottom of a hill and not across the road from us which frequently has very low bands of cloud visibly cutting the hillside in half.

    I love that you are processes the fleeces yourself, will you be knitting with the yarn?

  7. We are experiencing continuous drizzle here in Essex and it's very wet!!

  8. Sometimes a day inside is the best thing, as it lets you catch up and do other things without feeling guilty! i got soaked this morning but had the rest of the day to dry off so not too bad. I hate it when I'm roofing and have to spend all day in it though, no matter how warm it is!


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