Friday 12 December 2014

Yet Another Post On Pork

Today I was rendering down the pork fat
I chopped it into small bits, I find scissors easier for this.
I kept it over a low heat and as it rendered down
I poured it through a sieve 
then it was put into containers
This is what I got in the end, 7 containers of lard each one weighs about a 1lb
They will go into the freezer until needed 
 This is what was left from the fat, I sprinkled some salt over it and it is now in a hot oven it will be pork scratchings, a favourite of hubby's.
I also put some of the ribs into marinade
The ribs are in a Chinese marinade and will be cooked tomorrow.
In the same box as the fat was some bones 
They have been slow roasting all day and will be used for stock 
It will be a week end of hams and sausages then I promise that will be the last of the pork posts.


  1. You really can see why people kept a pig years ago as it provided so much food and meat and other things for use for such a long period of time! You have certainly made the most of yours. xx

  2. I'm loving your porky posts. I've been fighting the urge to go out and buy a big freezer to stock up for the Winter. Seriously though I find posts like yours very helpful.
    Jean x

  3. Gosh you have so much from it! My husband loves pork scratchings too.

  4. Homemade pig lard is the best thing! Looking forward to seeing your weekend post about processing your pork.

  5. Do you use the lard for pastry? Or in place of oil for cooking? Sorry to ask a silly question but I am learning a lot of useful tips from your blog. Maybe we just don't see a lot of recipes with lard in Australia.

  6. Lard will be used for pastry roasting vegetables, frying so yes basically instead of oils its great for roast potatoes :-)

  7. Those pork scratchings look so good! A friend and me were on a way back from a job once and we bought two bags from the butchers (they were big bags) on the half an hour journey back we finished off both bags. I don't think I've ever felt so ill from over eating as I did that night!


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