Wednesday 31 December 2014

2014 Making The Big Switch

The decorations are down and its the end of the year, what a year it has been
2014 the year we made the big switch, leaving behind a rural living on the outskirts of a growing city, it was nearly 30 years in the planning,
 there was many a time I became disillusioned and thought we would never get there,
We trundled on battling against the odds and 2014 was the year it happened.
The year started with the sale of one of our rental properties, at last there was hope and we could start seriously looking for a new home, we had our wish list
minimum of 5 acres
Rural location not in a village
Set well back from main roads
Smallholding / small farm
Land suitable for paddocks not seriously sloping
Wooded area
3 Bedrooms
Open Fires
Solid Fuel Rayburn /Aga
We were sure the place of our dreams was out there somewhere, estate agents sent us lots of information, we went on trips and looked at potential properties nothing seemed to come close, on our last viewing trip we had 6 properties lined up, it rained all week end, again property after property I was starting to think we would have to re-evaluate what we were looking for,
 heading up the drive on the last on the list in sideways rain and wind we suddenly realised this was it, this was the place we had been looking for.
It ticked all the boxes and was in our price bracket, that was in March, we put in an offer at the same time we had an offer on our house, 
July the 4th saw us leave Milton Keynes and head out to a new life in Wales
 I never thought we would get to the end of the boxes
2014 also saw us venture into livestock 
January we took on two Alpacas that were looking for a new home 
Nick Nack and Odd Job, we have now increased our little herd to 7
With the additions of the girls.
2014 also saw us trying our hand at home reared meat for the first time 
With the addition of our 2 pigs
 we now have freezers full of home reared meat.
Five fluffy ducklings also joined us 
After a fox visit we are left with a breeding trio 
Next to come was Lambert
Then of course was Kara
It has been a big year of change for her too, retiring after 8 years of service.
2014 saw us putting up the shed
 Recycling an old greenhouse
 rebuilding and re-using the little poly tunnel
 Building the craft cabin
 putting up fences
Put in raised beds
 2014 saw the closure of my shop
2014 we have discovered new places
 2014 has seen us make new friends
2014 we learnt new skills

I want to thank every one of you for taking the time to read my blog throughout 2014, taking the time to comment and taking the time to follow our journey, it has been a great year there has been some moments of despair but I would rather end the year remembering the good things.
Reading others blogs has inspired me, they have filled the space when I am here alone, I have picked up lots of hints and tips, there have been moments of sadness and lots of laughs.
I raise a glass to everyone out there and wish you all in blog land, new friends and old lots of joy, good health, wealth and happiness and what ever troubles you have I hope they are small ones.
Its exciting to see what the new year brings.
Here's to a roller coaster ride of 2015.
Its going to be a good one.
Lang mey yer lum reek.
Mey the best ye hae iver seen be the warst ye'll iver see.
Mey the moose ne'er lea' yer girnal wi the tear drap in its ee.
Mey ye aye keep hale an herty till ye're auld eneuch tae dee.
Mey ye aye juist be sae happy as A wiss ye aye tae be.


  1. I think I said Happy New Year on your last post just as you were publishing this one!

    Thank you for giving me some enjoyable reading in 2014 and moral support too, Andrina x

    1. I hope 2015 brings you peace and hapiness :-)

  2. It has been wonderful and fascinating following your journey along and I look forward to seeing what the new year brings you. I hope that your New Year will be wonderful! Best wishes for all good things in 2015 to you and yours! xx

    1. This is just the start of our journey who knows were it might lead every day is a blessing :-)

  3. Back to you, I have loved your journey this year and wait to read next years offering

    1. I am drawing up a list of goals and aspirations as our journey continues :-)

  4. wow what a year! Your check list looks very similar to mine, maybe one day I will find my own little bit of nature, it has been inspiring reading your progress. Lang mey yer lum reek to you to. I think I just heard that on The Archers, is it long may your chimney smoke? xx

    1. Yes long may smoke come out of your chimney, I do hope you find your place in 2015 were ever it may be :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing your year and taking time to post on your blog. Hope 2015 is full of wonderful things for you and your family xx

    1. living the life we have always wanted is the most wonderful thing for us :-)

  6. Happy New Year from W. Canada. What a busy year you had, especially the last 6 months! I hope you have a more relaxing 2015.

    1. I am expecting 2015 to be more settled and less stressful as routines are put in place :-)

  7. Happy New year dawn. I'm so glad that you found your dream home this year and it's been great seeing how much you've done already! Shame your not a bit further east as me and the girls could come and cause trouble! I bet you've got big plans for this next year as well.

    1. If ever you are over this way, you are most welcome :-)

  8. Just popping in from across the way to wish you, Martin and Kara all the very best for the coming year and to thank you for being the best neighbours that anyone could have wished for. ((((HUGS))))
    Senior C, Junior C, Hamish, DD, Kyian and the Kacy dog. xx


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