Friday 5 December 2014

Revamp Reuse Recycle Repair

What ever you want to call it, I had this old tatty bedside table 
I have always like the shape of it, but over the 14 years it has become very marked and tatty, it is part of a furniture set that was bought from Argos, I have given it a bit of a tidy up
I used this paint 
It was £13.99 for a 250ml tin in Charlies and they had a special offer on buy one get a second half price.
I still have a chest of drawers and a single wardrobe to do, the furniture will go in the small spare room.
While I was in Charlies I spotted this glue
I have seen it advertised a lot in craft magazine, so thought I would get some to try out, the above bedside table was the first thing I tried it on, the top had come loose and the screws were no longer holding it, it is now being held fast.
Next I repaired 2 pairs of reading glasses
They were only from the pound shop and they always end up with broken arms from being in my pocket, so I fixed the arm on one pair and the other the lens had come loose so glued it back in, bingo the glue works a treat, I have also fixed a plastic storage unit in the cabin that got damaged in the move. 
This is now my all time favourite glue it was £6.50 a bottle. I have a few other things to repair so will try it out on them.
A bit of other news, the piggies go to slaughter tomorrow, so we will have roast pork for Christmas :-) 


  1. Can't believe how reasonable the paint was, well done for finding that. The newly painted cupboard looks smashing.

    Jean x

    1. I have a few plans for the rest of the paint, its a lovely matt finish.

  2. Great makeover. I hope that all goes well with the pigs. xx

  3. I've never seen anything like that paint in my local Charlies, it's a lovely finish. We have an old pine chest of drawers Mike brought with him many moons back when he moved in with me. I have similar plans for that.

    1. I think they do it in B&Q as well, its the same finish as the designer expensive Annie Sloane paint


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