Wednesday 17 December 2014

The Fireplace Gets Seaonal Treatment

I dug out some more boxes of decorations today, couldn't find the one I was looking for, its either still in storage or it is in the attic, I don't do attics as it means ladders and ladders and me don't work well together.
Here are a few close ups 

I cut some Cypress and Holly from the garden, and popped some woodland friends amongst it, the woodland creatures were last used when we did a Scarecrow Christmas dinner display a few years ago,
The everlasting flower garland in the front has a bit of a story, about 6 years ago we went to the Lost Garden of Heligan, and they had a Christmas tree decorated in garlands of Everlasting Flowers (Straw Flowers) hubby was taken with these garlands so we bought a packet of seeds and hubby grew them and they were strung up, unfortunately this is all that's left of them now.
The Snowflakes are new this year they are lace and I did them on my sewing machine.
The white Santa came from a German Christmas market and the red one is again a favourite of hubby's and we have had it many years.
I also did a table decoration today 
The gold star I made on my embroidery machine the other week, the large glass container I bought a very long time ago, I was on a shopping trip with my eldest daughter it was my first trip to Ikea we both bought one of these, it is filled with glass baubles little gold parcels and gold beads, the bauble on the top is special as well.
Our last Christmas away a couple of years ago we went on a Caribbean Cruise, they had a few craft sessions going on so I went along, we were doing silk painted hankies and we decorated these baubles to put them in. 
I will leave you with the Scarecrow Christmas dinner display we did for the village living advent calender, every day throughout December a different house in the village opened it curtains or door to Christmas display, it was kept a secret what everyone was doing, it was great fun going round the village and seeing the displays.



  1. What lovely displays - both the Scarecrow ones and the lovely things in your new house. I am getting there very slowly, but our eldest daughter arrives Saturday, so I really MUST get the tree up and dressed tomorrow!

  2. Lovely!! Your husband will be surprised to return to so much christmassyness - well, unless he reads your blog of course!! It all looks so lovely. I like the story behind the straw flower garland, I noticed it - because I am into garlands as you know! - and thought how nice it was, it would be great for an autumn display too wouldn't it! xx

  3. Looks lovely, I like lots of greenery indoors at this time of year. Love the little creatures :)

  4. Beautiful decorations!
    Love the village Advent windows! I don't think we have even 15 houses on our country road, though..what fun it would be to organize!

  5. I just love the Christmas scarecrow dinner. Just amazing! Your decorations look very tasteful - I think ours are a bit gaudy this year as I went over the top - but what the heck x


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