Sunday 21 December 2014

Mince Pies And Blooms

I knocked up a batch of mince pies today, I made them a little different to how I normally do them.
I topped them with a simple sponge mix instead of pastry and dusted them with icing sugar, they taste really lovely, I do actually prefer them with a sponge topping, I think will this will be way I do them in the future.
My Amaryllis has opened it first lot of flowers
Its a bit top heavy so I have propped it up in the twigs of the tree.
I came across a little Christmas tree I made last year 
Its from a workshop I ran last year, its all made out of card and decorated with beads and a mini set of LED lights, I was surprised to see it still works .
I have had family visiting this week end, Kara made friends with everyone
I think she was making a point its her place in front of the fire.
Yesterday morning Kara was having a bit of a lazy turn 
and scrounged a lift back in the trailer after we had delivered hay to Alpacas, she is becoming more of a farm dog everyday. She follows me around on the quad bike, knows the feeding routine and is very good at reminding me its time to feed everyone if I am busy doing something, while I am in the paddocks feeding everyone she sits outside the gates waiting for me and follows from paddock to paddock.
Three more sleeps until hubby comes home for the holidays, and next week end we have some friends coming to stay for a couple of days, I am all organised at this end, shopping wrapping, decorations, housework and baking all done and tomorrow hope to spend some time crafting.
Is everyone else all done for the holidays.


  1. Awwww Kara is lovely. I still have things to do, but there's plenty of time :)

  2. Nowhere near ready here!
    Lovely to see Kara enjoying her new life

  3. Smashing post, very Christmassy. I love that pic of Kara, it warms my heart to see her so relaxed with her paw over her little friend all snuggled up.

    Jean x

  4. Your decorations are so pretty! So is your amaryllis, a lovely colour. I hope that you enjoy your last couple of days alone with Kara and then have a wonderful time with your husband and other visitors. Happy Christmas! I hope that 2015 brings wonderful things. xx


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