Saturday 13 December 2014

The Pork End Is In Sight

Yes we are finally getting to the end of the pork processing
Today hubby boned the cuts of meat that needed doing I am not good with knives, I always end up cutting myself sometimes badly, so I leave things that need really sharp knives to hubby to do.
The cuts that were to be hams were boned and I got them into cure
These two hams were put into a dry cure
This big ham was boned and put into a wet cure
These hocks have had the bone left in and put into a smoke cure
We then minced up loads of  meat
Hubby pressed out the Pork and Apple Burgers
I got started with sausages we have 4 bags of each Pork and Apple, Pork and Garlic, Pork and Leek and some Welsh Dragon Sausages.
I have left some of the pork as plain mince for meatballs.
The bones from boning were once again slow roasted 
I also cooked the ribs that were put into a marinade yesterday 
We ate them this evening. 
I feel really pooped and my shoulders are aching, the new chest freezer is full to the brim, with roasting joints pork chops, ribs, sausages, burgers, mince, liver, kidneys, pate and lard there is enough room to squeeze in some of bacon when its ready. Next time we do pigs I have told hubby he has to take time of work to process it all with me, its a lot for one person to do. 
I still have two pieces of bacon to do tomorrow and at some point next week I will do some pork pies. 
That's all I did today, tomorrow I am roasting a bit for dinner.
Right time to settle down with a bit of Strictly now.


  1. Yes, there's an unbelievable amount of meat from one pig.

    Imagine doing a steer.

  2. I am the same with knives, so I'm not allowed to touch the big set.

  3. Wow, you have both been incredibly busy. I definitely think that this is a 2 man job!! xx

  4. I tend to put most of the meat into the freezer after we have slaughtered one of our animals, and then sort it out later, because it is a lot of work to get everything processed in one go especially if you don't have a kitchen in which to do the work! But once we are more organised kitchen wise, then I shall get more of the processing done as soon as the animal is slaughtered, and then it is done. But well done you for doing the meat processing marathon!

  5. I'm impressed. You've done a lot on your own and it's hard work. It's hard enough sorting out small game so I imagine a pig is much harder.
    The ribs look good.


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