Tuesday 23 December 2014

Time To Try The Bacon

Today's the day
By my calculations the bacon in the smoked cure should be ready
All rinsed off and dried 
I sliced off a few slices and popped them in a frying pan, 
these are streaky bacon, its from the belly of the pork
I like mine crispy, a bacon sandwich was on the menu 
It smelled great, and tasted great, it was so good I did another sandwich.
I got the rest of it sliced up, its now in the fridge.
My slicing machine was playing up, it played up last time I used it as well, there is a burning smell coming from the motor and its loosing power, I have had for it about 20 years, I have now ordered myself a new one it wont be hear until next week so I will have to wait until then to slice up the rest of the bacon, we have plenty sliced to keep us going in the meantime.
Our first home reared and cured bacon.


  1. Nice bacon! I slice our bacon by hand but would like to get a slicing machine to do the work for me. And congratulations of making your first batch of bacon! Shop bought bacon will never taste as good!

  2. Congratulations! And well done! I cannot deny feeling a little envy.

  3. Oh, I knew I could smell something wonderful at lunchtime today! It must have been your delicious bacon wafting across the country!! Happy bacony Christmas! xx


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