Thursday 11 December 2014

Doing The Bacon

Today I was still sorting through the pork, much to Kara's delight
I got started dry curing the bacon cuts
Streaky bacon is made from belly pork, I cut the belly into 2 bits 
rubbed in a smoked dry cure, the smell was wonderful, I haven't used this cure before, 
The instructions say to vac pack the bacon in the cure, you then leave it somewhere cold and turn it every 2 days, it should be ready in a week.
I did four packs of this bacon, the others I will do with the cure I done before and air dry it.
I also got the ribs all packed today, and some of the joints packed as well.
Over the week end I want to do the hams.
I did order with all seasonings a bag sealer
Its been brilliant there is nothing worse than trying to tie up bags with slippy hands, I think this is something I will get a lot of use out of.
While I am doing this post the installers who put the Rayburn in are back out again, when I was clearing up last night I came across an issue
the enamel has been chipped, there is a few other things as well, I was reading the installation manual last night after the left and realised they had put a corrosion inhibitor in, I knew they hadn't because they didn't go in the attic to access the header tank, also part of the insulating fire brick around the flue fell out last night as the Rayburn warmed up, so they are back putting things right.
Right time to see what those men are up to in my kitchen.


  1. I hope that you get all the rayburn issues sorted out quickly. I guess that it is roast pork for you for Christmas? Very tasty no doubt. xx

  2. Interesting info about the Rayburn, and you are so lucky to have the 'proper' men in to get it running. Down here in SW France we only have an electrician, a plumber, a builder, and my husband with the online manual!

    I wet cure my bacon joints now, as I find the dry cures make the bacon too salty although it does dry on the meat better so it can be cut into thinner slices. Wet curing tends to leave the meat floppy, but I chill it in the freezer so it cuts better, but even then I can't get the bacon slices very thin, so we tend to use our bacon as lardons, and now prefer them that way. Still have not started on our first piglet yet, will probably be the weekend. We have a window of dry weather, so will try and get one or two goats in the freezer as well.

    1. I did read that washing the bacon or hams in vingar is the better way to reduce saltiness will try that with a couple of them.

  3. That's why I hate having people do anything for me - you have to keep your eye on them so much! Well done for getting them back though, many wouldn't bother. Bacon sounds good. Pig pen almost fenced here so they could be on the cards next year!

    1. There bill for installing hasnt been paid yet so they didnt have a choice but to come back, now waiting for Aga/Rayburn to come out and repair the chip.
      I do hope you do pigs next year, its hard work proccessing all the meat I just hope its worth it.

  4. I dry cure my bacon in salt/sugar/pepper mix. Unfortunately I don't have a cold smoker to complete the process. Where did you buy your smoked mix? I might give it a go.

    1. I order my mixes and seasonings through I have used them several times excellent service and a good variety of supplies.

    2. They also sell through Amazon often have smaller packs on there


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