Friday 19 December 2014

The Duck With A Curly Tail

After losing two of our Aylesbury ducks to a fox, I did wonder what I had been left with, all males or all females, or a mix, I can 100% say we have 1 drake and 2 ducks, I had noticed a distinct quacking that is usually a male and the females tend to squawk, today I spent a bit of time observing and yes there it was 
A curly tail a sure sign he is a drake
the girls have neat tidy straight tails 
The drake also has a broader head and neck and is slightly heavier in build 
His wives follow him around everywhere.
It now looks like I have got a breeding trio, well the breeding bit we will see in the spring fingers crossed, this means we will be able to have duck for the table perhaps even be able to sell some Aylesbury chicks and of course we will have duck eggs.

Back on to the subject of Christmas I got my Christmas cakes done today
It hasn't been left to last minuet, the recipe I use is a Nigella Lawson Chocolate Fruit Cake, and it can be made any time here is the recipe Chocolate Fruit Cake  it really is an easy fool proof cake and very moist and tasty. They wont be decorated they are lovely as they are.
Kara has been getting into the Christmas spirit as well and is trying to decide on which outfit to wear 
should it be this hat
or the jingly antlers


  1. If Kara had a thought bubble I think it would say " what on earth have you done to me?" Which did she choose.

  2. Typical stereotypical behaviour. Do they also pick up his clothes where he drops them? :) kara seems to prefer the hat. She seems slightly freaked out by the antlers.

  3. The cakes sound lovely. Awww what a star, she looks great in both of them.

  4. Cakes look lovely - can you make them without Tia Maria? Or rather, does it make a big difference leaving it out as it's not something I "have in". I'm glad you have a breeding trio of Ducks left and not three drakes!

    1. if you havent got a coffee liquer I dont see why you couldnt use cooled black coffee, the alchol is cooked out anyway.

  5. Hmm, antlers I think Kara! But the hat is cute too!! Glad that the ducks are the right "mix", here's to lots of ducklings in the spring!! Happy Christmas! xx

  6. Just to say that your posts have cheered me immensely over this last year. Happy Christmas to you and yours XXX


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