Saturday 27 September 2014

Kiara Has All the Attention

Today everything has revolved around Kiara, she was no problem last night not a peep from her, she is use to a strict routine for feeding so it was breakfast at just after 7am, she has to wait until all the other animals were fed, she went out with hubby when he fed the animals, but she waited outside the field, the animals all get very excitable at morning feed not the best time to introduce a new one into the fold, 
We have been advised to keep her on a lead when outside for the first few days, and as of yet we don't have any boundary fences, so most of the day has been spent on the lead.
I took her around to meet all the neighbours and animals she then was happy to settled beside me in the cabin while I set to sewing myself some slippers.
 Nothing seems to fase her, hubby was up on the roof laying the shingles the constant banging didn't disturb Kiara at all, after a while I found the banging to much and retreated to the house for quiet while I worked on the shop timetable.
This afternoon we took Kiara into the top field for some free time, unclasping the lead and giving her the command to Go Free she bounded off investigating everything.
 She seemed very happy running about the field, lots of new smells and noises.
There was no animals in the top field and it was securely enclosed so we didn't have any concerns about her wandering off.
In fact she stayed close to us and was happy to wander just a few paces away, we had a bit of a training practise while we were out and she responds very well to commands.
Kiara has become a bit of a shadow to me, when I leave the room she follows, I started to feel guilty for moving when she was sleeping. We were told she would be more responsive to a woman as her partner she work for was female and they worked together for 6 years. 
I do find she sits and looks at me waiting for me to ask her to do something. I am sure this will lessen over time. We need to get her a grooming brush as she is going through a moult.

I have now set up a second blog its all about the crafting I do I have posted a full post on making the slippers, if you want to know more then pop over there for full details.


  1. Love your post, so pleased you had a first good day xxx

  2. She is lovely, it is sad that they have to move on when they get to a certain age, but great she has found a new home with you. She looks like she is settling in well.

  3. She is obviously well at home already and ruling the roost no doubt!! I will be heading over to your craft blog to follow that too now! xx

  4. Lovely dog and I know you will make her happy but I'm sure her disabled 'owner' misses her terribly. I look forward to your craft blog.

  5. She seems to be settling in well, I'm pleased for you.


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