Wednesday 10 September 2014

Whats Been Happening Today

For a start \I have spent all day thinking it is Thursday even when i remind myself it is only Wednessday I still think its Thursday, why does that happen ?
I started off with breakfast on the doorstep in the morning sunshine, the weather has been great, I am loving it, I decided to make a start on digging the embankment border that edges the gravel area
It is mainly Cranesbill, (hardy geraniums) I dont mind a few but the whole garden seems full of them, I want to clear the border completly and reduce the height of the mound, the plants come out easily enough but the ground is full of shale
 The buckets of shale i am taking out are getting tipped out by the greenhouse I will make use of it for paths.
The soil that is left isnt too bad at least it isnt clay.
Once it got too hot outside I retreated indoors and got some bacon cure on the go, I bought a pork loin last week half price, the joint needs to be rubbed in the cure for the next 5 days 
 details of doing the bacon are here in a previous post Bacon Cure hopefully next time i do bacon it will be from our own pork.
I did cut off a small pork joint from the loin 
I spread the top with mustard and popped it in the oven 
I shall slice it up tomorrow the hubby can take some back for dinner next week.
The animals have been enjoying the sunshine and the ducks are growing so fast fast now making little quacks, I seem to be filling there water container all day long and needed to find an alternative, the plastic base of the the small animal cage seemed to be an ideal solution, after cleaning out there house I put the plastic base in place and added water, they got so excited 
It was suppose to be water for drinking but they had other ideas it was bath time, they had great fun splashing around in it, I can see this is going to need filling several times a day.
Time to jump in the shower and get myself cleaned up I want to Our Zoo later I watched part 1 last week and enjoyed it.


  1. I've keep meaning to start curing some meat. Maybe I should have a go at it over the next couple of weeks thanks for spuring me on - there's a great book called Adventures Of A Bacon Curer if you ever come across it.

  2. Oh I do love ducks! I always wanted English Runners but we never got them... Probably because the ones we did get and rear from were such a troublesome, noisy little crowd. Eventually they went off to live on a friend of a friend's lake where their descendent's are probably still causing mayhem.


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