Friday 19 September 2014

Bargain Fruit Trees

I popped into the local Wyvale garden centre today to pick up some young Leeks and Broccoli  and use my reward vouchers, I popped into there fruit tree section to have a browse and spotted some bargain trees
I came away with 3 new apple trees and 2 pear trees usually priced at £39.99
they are lovely big trees and they were on sale for 
I haven't made a note of variety's yet, I may pop back there tomorrow with hubby and pick up some more.

I have also got the first of my raised vegetable beds done today
It measures 12ft by 6ft I hope to get another one done over the week end
I have my Garlic and Onions on order so one bed will be for them, I hope they will be here next week, I also have on order a pallet of spent mushroom compost, the ground seems pretty poor it has been used only ever for grazing so needs a good conditioning treatment, it will take a couple of years to get it into good shape.
Week end plans include lots of digging.
A quick update on Lambert he is going through a naughty stage
Chasing the chickens 
Tormenting the Alpacas
But unfortunately this morning he bit off more than he could chew, he has been trying out his head butting, butting anything and everything and yes he decided to head but one of the bee hives, he was soon legging it across the field, with the help of a neighbour the bees are now safe from Lambert we reinforced the fencing to keep him out of there. He only suffered a couple of stings but hopefully enough for him to learn from.


  1. Awwww he sounds like quite a character!

  2. Lambert sounds fun, well done on the fruit tree's that's a good saving.

  3. Hi Dawn, just catching up now that I am back, I have been reading, just not commenting. Your cabin is coming along really well isn't it, you will be all set for all sorts of crafty adventures which will be a nice change from all the hard work outside that you have been doing especially when the weather changes. You have been so busy with all that you have been doing. Those fruit trees are a great bargain aren't they and it is a good time to be planting them as well isn't it. Hope you have a good weekend. xx


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