Tuesday 16 September 2014

New Addition and Painting

I haven't stopped all day, in a race before the weather changes I need to get the wood preservative on the log cabin, I nipped out this morning to get a big tin of Sadolin Classic, I decided to get the teak colour, bought some nice brushes and then set to getting the painting done, 
I have got one of the big sides and one short end done, tomorrow will see it finished hopefully including the plinth base, getting the paint into all the little grooves nooks and crannies is taking some time.
This evening the electrician came out to discuss what I wanted put in, I am having 9 double sockets put in at waist height and 2 6ft double fluorescent strips fitted with daylight tubes, fingers crossed the electric will be in next week. Then I can get moved in and play.

As promised let me introduce you to our latest addition
Meet Lambert
His future is yet undecided, there is a bit of story to Lambert, a few weeks before we moved here, the sheep were moved onto the field running along side ours, they were maiden ewes and suppose to be empty, suddenly one of them produced Lambert, he managed to find a way into our field and his mum jumped the fence to be with him, they lived in the field together until the day we were bringing up the alpacas when they were put back in with the other ewes.
Lambert was separated from his mum a few weeks ago and kept in a little paddock alone over the way, on Sunday when the farmer was up here I asked what was to become of Lambert and he was yet undecided as he was a late lamb so didn't make it to market with the earlier lambs, we had a chat and Lambert joined our collection of animals there field.
Hey what happened to your neck
 Hubby would like a little flock of sheep we may decide to keep Lambert as a resident ram, or he may end up in the freezer early spring. His parentage is unknown his tackle has been checked and is all OK, he is a bit on the small side and needs to put on some fat. 
Lambert is not a tame lamb but who knows over time he may become more friendly, he keeps to himself at the bottom of the field.
We really need to get some fences up and separate everyone. 
All living in one big field is
2 Alpacas
2 Pigs (behind electric fencing)
1 Sheep
5 Ducks 
4 Hens
2 Cockerels 
3 Beehives 
and somewhere the missing tortoise


  1. The log cabin looks magnificent - but I seem not to have read what you are going to do in it? Is it for crafts, specific crafts which need a lot of space- or more as an office?

    1. It is going to be my sewing room and craft room I suppose its more of a craft play romm, I had my own workshop room before moving, this means my stuff can all go out into the cabin and dosent have to take up a bedroom in the house.

    2. Touch of envy here - wish I could have one! My crafting things are everywhere. At the moment I'm needle felting on our dining table.

  2. Oh Dawn I love Lambert he's lovely.

    1. He is becoming a bit of a character, today he tried to get into the duck house :-0

  3. Is Lambert ok on his own? Does he need others around him? Or perhaps I'm just used to seeing them in flocks.



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