Monday 8 September 2014

Wild and Free

Its has been a lovely sunny day here in Wales, the evenings are defiantly getting colder, I have lit the log burner in the living room for the first time
I do like a nice roaring fire.
After reading Sue's blog this morning showing her Blackberry crumbles I decided  to do a bit of blackberry picking, I don't want to do any jam or jellies this year as we have a bit of a stock from last year and want to use them up before adding to the stock pile.
I picked 3lb of blackberries and made two crumbles I shared one with the neighbours, we sat in the sunshine eating hot crumble with ice cream, the second one I will pop into the freezer as we have another visitors coming this week end to help hubby with the building of the log cabin.
I did a slightly different crumble topping to Sue, basically it was 6oz of plain flour, 2oz of butter, 3oz of brown sugar and 1tsp of dried orange zest.
The orange zest gave it a nice citrus twist.
Yesterday I collected some Chanterel mushrooms 
Hubby spotted them when he was logging so I went to check them out yes they are edible, we would only collect wild mushrooms that could be identified 100%, I have dehydrated them and they will be added to the jar of other wild mushrooms to be used at a later date.
I do enjoy foraging for wild food and best of all it is free.
The other day I promised to show the plan I had drawn for the back garden
Here it is not drawn to scale just an idea sketched on to paper
to the left hand side is the back of the house with the utility room leading into the garden, the herb bed is surrounded by gravel with stepping stone slabs, leading from there its down the steps under an arch and into a slabbed area were the log cabin is, my idea is to have the area surrounded by borders of perennial plants and trellis fencing. I might even add a few more arches were the various gates are. 
That's all from me today hope you are all enjoying the late summer sunshine.


  1. I never have the guts to pick wild mushrooms. Just heard too many stories about experts getting poisoned! Although that said they do look nice!
    I've told my wife no heating until October but I'm not sure she's going to keep to that!
    I like that plan - I do the same type of thing but I never end up following mine!

  2. Although we often get toadstools in the garden at this time of year, I'm sure we have two mushrooms now - but not sure enough to eat them! You are right about the colder nights... I have put heating on too. However it was very hot today - very hot indeed.

  3. Too nervous to pick wild mushrooms x

  4. I have not seen either mushrooms or toadstools here, even though I walk where the local stables exercise the horses, mind you if it gets any cooler I may find a crop somewhere. I put my heating on a couple of times last week but this week has been very warm.

  5. You are all tempting me with you crumbles :)


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