Tuesday 9 September 2014

How to Make Waterless Hand Santizier

I came across this while browsing the web the other day so thought I should give it a try
you need 
1 cup of Aloe Vera Gel
1tsp of Rubbing Alcohol
2tsp of Glycerin (optional)
9 drops of Tea Tree Oil

mix together the Aloe Vera Gel and rubbing Alcohol in a bowl then add Tea Tree oil and Glycerin if using, you need to give the mixture a really good mix 
then pour into your chosen clean container
I used an empty liquid soap dispenser 
there you have it Hand Sanitizer you only need to use a small amount a lot less than the commercial ones you buy as it is very concentrated, these quantities made up approx 250ml price wise it worked out at 70p for 50ml. 
If you don't want the antiseptic smell of Tea Tree you can substitute it for another essential oil.


  1. Sounds a lot better than buying the expensive stuff from camping shops. I used to fill a bottle when I used to go to festivals from their dispensers to save me buying some! Tight I know!

  2. Unless someone is allergic I think the best oil probably is Tea Tree Oil as that is anti-fungal.


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