Friday 26 September 2014

Our Very Important Visitor Arrived Early

I was expecting a visitor to arrive about 10pm this evening, but she arrived at 5pm
I have been on tender hooks all day waiting for her arrival.
Kiara is 8 years old today and has just retired from being an assistant dog, she has come from Dogs for the Disabled, we were approved for a dog just after we moved and have been on the waiting list, Monday hubby got a phone call from them saying they had a dog that might suit us, he went to Banbury to meet her the other day and collected her today to bring home.

We have Kiara on a months approval to see if we are suited to each other, then the adoption will be finalised and we will become her forever home.
As you can see she is making herself at home.
We have 4 pages of instructions including all the commands that are used with her, we cant just let her out to go to the toilet she has to be given the command to go, also when she is fed you have to give the command for her to eat. She came with all her belongings, bed, toys, leads, food medical records and medication she has a bit of arthritis.
She hasn't met any of the animals yet, there is plenty of time for that, there is a lot for her to investigate, it will be a big adjustment for her as she learns to enjoy the freedom of retirement.


  1. I hate to tell you this Dawn, but I think that Kiara has you on a months approval, not the other way around! She looks like a beautiful dog. I hope that you are all very happy together! xx

  2. She is gorgeous. How lucky you are to have found her. It's good that she now has a retirement after all those years as a working dog. We've been thinking of taking on a guide dog puppy. You keep them for socialisation from 2 month to 10 months and then they go into their training program.

  3. A well deserved retirement, I'm sure she will be very happy with you :)

  4. Oh she is beautiful, congratulations. I know how much work goes into training these dogs as my dad nearly had a guide dog until he pulled out at the last minute! I used to go with him on training days & such like. They make super pets after they retire.

  5. What a perfect match, she is going to love the animals outside, and so much space for her. You are going to give her the most perfect retirement.

  6. She's wonderful! And what a fantastic way for working dogs to retire. What a lovely addition to your family.

  7. Knicknack and Oddjob will not know what to make of this small black creature, they will be quivering with nosiness. Well done on getting her, let us hope that you pass her approval tests and she stays forever. She does look instantly at home, I spent part of my day yesterday socialising with a 10 week puppy that weighs 600 grams and a pair of poodle pups about twice as big.


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