Wednesday 16 December 2015

Lots Of Gains And Loses

While in the shower this evening (its were I think best)
I was thinking how much I have gained 
in the last 18 months since being here.
Firstly, I have lost 2 stone (28lb) in weight 
no diet, no trying it just came off on its own
I can eat things like
Double eggs and chips with bread and butter 
 (tonight's dinner)
and not worry about putting weight on
I do eat better now
Have breakfast something I often skipped before
I have noticed I drink a lot less tea
and drink a lot more water, just the stuff from the tap
don't like the fancy stuff
My nails have improved so much
I have never managed to really grow my nails before
You would think doing more manual stuff I would have no nails.
I sleep better, so does Martin when he is here
no waking in the middle of the night
I go to bed tired and wake up feeling rested.
My fitness has really improved
I can carry 25kg sacks of feeds no problem
race up and down the fields without getting out of breath
I feel my stress levels have diminished 
there isn't anything here to get stressed about
My health is overall brilliant 
I haven't had to visit the doctor since being here
(must get registered)
I have only had one cold nothing really, one sore throat,
No tummy bugs, very few headaches, 
I think that is more to do with not being in contact with a lot of people.
I feel happier and healthier and defiantly a lot calmer :-)


  1. It seems that you have gained all round in the most very best way!!! Long may it continue!!! Happy Christmas! xx

  2. Nothing to beat the country life to stay healthy, interesting abut your nails, mine are also long despite of the manual work they have to do.

  3. Not being in contact with people usually helps my health as well :)

    OK only face to face contact causes ill effects usually :)

  4. What a lovely extra to get from your lifestyle, I think our modern world is simply full of stress, taking a step back in the past two years has made me feel better. I wish I could pass this one thing on to our daughters.

  5. Sounds like it's just what the doctor ordered, exercise, fresh air and no stress. Double egg and chips, my go to comfort food!

  6. That's so great to gear you say that - for you of course, but also as reassurance for those of us who are working towards that point. My health has improved since stopping working and losing some of the stress, but my fitness needs improving still. You are a great example of what a more natural lifestyle can bring :)

  7. That's great so much positivity has come into your life , we dont have many colds i believe its because we dont come into contact with lots of people in public places , The last time i had a virus was when i visited the doctor for something else and it was packed out with people coughing and spluttering lol , Merry christmas xxx

  8. Sounds like you're living the dream Dawn, it's good that you're happier and even more importantly, healthier. I do love egg and chips!!

  9. I am glad to hear that country life and 'living the dream' suits you Dawn. Having experienced my working life (teaching in Inner City) and now having returned to country life - and on a farm at that - I know very well which I prefer. Not sure about the double egg and chips though - it looks absolutely delicious but would no doubt add weight when I stood on the scales.

  10. The lifestyle certainly suits you. I'm not ill half as much as I was when I worked, ofiices must be a breeding ground for bugs.

  11. Egg and chips is my absolute bestest meal and if you add beans well thats just fantastic! (I know I'm easily pleased). Seriously its marvelous that the move has had such a positive effect on your life as I hope retirement does on mine. My sleep pattern is dreadful. My fitbit tells me I woke 16 times last night and only slept for a total of 3 hours!I need to lose a stone 9st 13lb at 5'3" is too heavy despite being fit.

  12. So pleased that you have written this post.
    Balance is the key to life and you have found it.

    By the way, turkey's looked good.

  13. Would ditto what you have said....I am much fitter, am losing weight, and am generally in a good place in myself. Building work now done, once house is cleaned and tidied up and everything is put in order, then I can rest and catch up with myself. I feel very blessed to be living the same type of lifestyle as yourself, we are both definitely keeping at age at bay by being so busy!

  14. It's wonderful, this living in the country. We do too but we do not do as much as you do in the way of 'doing it for ourselves'. The air is so clean and not polluted. My husband has his neurological disease but when it comes to every day things like colds and flu, we rarely get them. Good for you Dawn, glad you are enjoying the rewards of your efforts.

  15. Great news about not only the weight loss, but also that you feel better. Sleeping is a huge health boost. As is also having someone in your life called Sol! Brings the sun in.

    Sol x


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