Thursday 3 December 2015

A Little Bit Of Baking

I am using up another bargain at the moment
 When I was in Booker's wholesalers the other day bulk buying toilet roll, kitchen roll and tea bags I spotted these Onken Natural Yogurt in there reduced section, at 20p each reduced from £1.05 I was sure I could make use of them.
 First up is a sourdough starter, it wont be ready for 6 days, I have always fancied doing some Sourdough bread.
 Next I decided to do some baking and found a recipe for Spiced Yogurt Cake, I was sent a link for it on my Home Farmer magazine newsletter, the recipe is HERE
Instead of doing it in two tins and filling with butter cream I did mine in a loaf tin and decorated the top with a frosting and Pecans.
I have tried a slice and its not bad.
I am doing another batch of Crazy Dough as that uses Natural Yogurt as well,
I am going to make a couple of loafs with it this time.
Yogurt that is left is going into small portion containers and into the freezer,
it will be used in various sauces.

We had a good start to day weather wise, but this afternoon it turned for the worse again.
At least the hens are laying and the goats who I can only assume are pregnant are keeping warm and dry in the barn and starting to get wide.

My order books are now closed all orders are done this Saturday is my last craft fair of the year,
I now have time to do some crafting for me. 
Pop over to my craft blog and see what I have been doing :-)


  1. I always call the ewes WWI battleships when they start showing. With their wool on they are so wide and fat it's comical.

    Nice score on the yogurt!!! And that cake looks yummy.

  2. Great deal with the yoghurt and all that you turned it into! I hope that all will be well with the goats! xx

  3. I didn't realise you can use yoghurt for so many things. Cake looks lovely .

  4. Dawn, your enthusiasm amazes me. Did you see the Ben Fogel programme last evening. I thought of you.

  5. Ooh can anybody go to Bookers? I would love to find somewhere that I can buy things like flour in bulk.

  6. I'll be baking this afternoon, though I need to make room in the freezer to pop the cakes in first!

    What is the Crazy Dough please? I often use plain yoghurt in cakes. We don't buy the fruit-in stuff now as it's too sweet, but I cook up home grown fruit and add that instead.

    I am not keen on sour dough bread, though I will probably make some for middle daughter to take home with her when she's here at Christmas, as she enjoys it.

    The spiced yoghurt cake looks good. Off to check out the recipe.

  7. A great bargain with the yoghurt & you have done so much with it x

  8. You've certainly made the most of that yoghurt and the Spiced Yoghurt Cake looks delicious.

  9. The yogurt was a fantastic bargain, and it lasts beyond the date. I often use it in scones, makes them lovely and light.


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