Thursday 17 December 2015

Its Spring Again

Two spring seasons in one year or did I sleep through winter ?
Everything in the garden is confused 
I hope it all comes right when it is suppose to 
The Gorse is in flower
 The Daisies are flowering
 Buttercups in bloom
The holly is back in flower after the birds stripped the berries

 Dandelions are about to break bud
Best of all my orange is almost ripe,
 we might eat it over the holidays

With spring coming early its great for the bees, 
who of course are still heading out on these mild days
but really we could do with a hard cold snap to kill off the bugs and nasties
Is there signs of spring in your garden ?

Oh a bit of other news before I sign off, 
Got this message today 
Hi Dawn; we are award winning documentary producers; we actually work a fair bit out of the UK, as well as Canada; currently doing a project in the southern US- where some people living in the country have had attacks on their chickens; we were hoping to use your image of the chicken-buzzard attack. Can we use this image please? and if you agree- we'd like to send you a photo release to sign please. thanks so much, Peter von Puttkamer 

I am chuffed as I am no photographer but some-one out there wants to use one of my photos
I have agreed its only a photo after all.
it makes me want to 


  1. We are having a wet autumn and winter so far - which is what we need in the Pacific Northwest - but I did noticed that the Pussy Willows are starting to bud out - and the Oso Berry bushes too. Seems they are confused. The oranges on the west coast of the US get ripe in December and January so we always have fresh citrus in the winter - wonderful.

    How great that you are having a photo published - make sure they give you credit - and even a link - it is always gratifying to have someone notice one's photography. Congratulations!!!

  2. That's good news on the photo. Yes me japanese quince is in flower and the primroses too. I can see bulbs starting to appear which is too early. The mild weather is great for my heating bills, but I do worry about nature getting very confused and it then causing issues later.

  3. I've got primulas and cowslips flowering early and hardy geraniums and roses still flowering from the summer, it's a very confused winter. I feel sorry for the wildlife who won't know whether they're coming or going. Well done on getting your photo published.

  4. My chest would be puffed out with pride Dawn (it is fairly puffed out anyway). Well done you.

  5. You know the old saw, 'when gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of season'.... ;-)

  6. All kinds of oddities growing here still! Glad that they asked permission about your photo! Some would just take without asking, so it is so good that they did ask! Happy Christmas! xx

  7. I noticed buds on our little fig tree the other day.

    Gratz on the photo request!!!

  8. Fame at last eh? Sounds an interesting sort of program they make.

    As for the gorse, there's an old saying "when the gorse is out of bloom, kissing's out of fashion" ! but that is a good lot of flowers for December, and fancy the holly blooming again.

    I'll try and get up with your card in the next day or so, but there is bad flooding down by the bridge, so I'll have to come the top way.

  9. Someone once told me that gorse is never out of bloom but I don't know how true that is! It is odd weather at the moment isn't it, the daffodils are pushing up here, just small shoots, normally I wouldn't see those until just before Easter.


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