Monday 14 December 2015

Talking Turkey

Today we did the first of the turkey's, 
its being collected tomorrow
It was a very quick dispatch no fuss no noise
It was fairly easy to pluck 
This one weighed in at just under 14lb 
Next week end we do the rest of them all ready to grace Christmas tables.
They are all single breasted heritage breeds.

The other day when I was cleaning out the poultry houses
the turkeys started scrapping, 
I managed to get a short video of them

They often have a little scrap.

The chickens were being difficult as well
refusing to wait until I had finished 
they started piling in and scratching about while I was still putting bedding in.
Of course a lot of it ended up outside the hen house.
A couple of weeks they move into bigger accommodation.
That's it from me today.


  1. We always have a turkey crown and a joint of beef. No one likes the legs here so there would be a lot of waste otherwise.

  2. I wish all of mine would go into the coop.I had four last night that were being difficult.

    Nice looking turkey you got there!!!

  3. I do not like Turkey to eat but they can be comical to watch, I would always have Goose for Christmas or maybe a good sized Guinea Fowl.

  4. You've plucked that bird really well Dawn - no bum-fluff in sight! How long did it take you?

    Looks like they are starting to throw their weight around a bit in that pen, so probably meeting their maker not a day too soon.

  5. Lovely birds. Are all of them due to grace Christmas tables? Will you keep them next year?

  6. wow that's a hell of a turkey! still ugly looking even when they've been plucked haha
    I've no idea what we are having yet, haven't planned a thing :)

  7. It will all change then with the turkeys going and no doubt something new coming in their place! xx

  8. 14lb, just the right weight for us, I'm hoping that our ordered turkey wont be much bigger than that.

  9. We don't have a whole turkey either as no one likes the dark meat. In fact, I'd prefer goose, but .... That looks like a good healthy bird - so much better to know you've raised it yourself. Sounds like they are ready for dispatching though.

  10. Turkeys and chickens can be immense characters... and very stroppy when they want to be! Jx

  11. Very well plucked! Looks a lovely bird. I love turkey, we've gone with just the crown this year, got a big gammon joint too, but I'm cooking that a few days before Christmas or we'll never get through all this meat! x

  12. Maybe I should add "get turkeys" to my 2016 goal list. :)

  13. We've grown our own chicken for Christmas this year - all around 9-10 lbs oven ready so much like a small turkey. I'm looking forward to homegrown chicken served with homegrown veg for Christmas. Most of the chickens went into the freezer jointed because we'd have trouble getting through one that size by ourselves.

  14. That's a big looking turkey. My sister in law for years reared turkeys but there were quite a few losses over the years. Bet yours will taste wonderful, so great to know where your meat comes from Wishing you all the best.


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