Thursday 31 December 2015

Isnt Life Great.......

I have been absent all week,
I have had a very good friend here to stay
We have had a wonderful time, even though we talk at least once a week on the phone
Nothing beats a face to face gossip.
Its been late nights and sitting around in PJ's until mid morning
Endless cups of tea, then spending time in my cabin sewing
Martin was bringing us refreshments
And when it got dark he would bring us some torches so we could find our way back.
We went out to dinner in the pub last night down in the village.
Its been a wonderful week, laughing chatting and spending time together,
my friend headed off home this morning
So its back to normal, or almost.

Tomorrow starts a new chapter, first day of the new year.
So much has been achieved in the last 12 months
Life is just wonderful, no complaints noting to get down over
plenty to look forward to and get excited about in the coming year.

We both love living here and don't want to be anywhere else,
We have no complaints with our home, we have plans to make changes a few small ones but there is no rush, we have already pared down our plans since we first viewed.

We have a big plan that is in motion for the outside but I am keeping mum until all is signed and sealed , its something we are both really really looking forward to.

Life is good Happy New Year Everyone 
Roll on 2016 


  1. Happy New Year, fingers cross all goes well.

  2. Wishing you a fabulous 2016 Dawn. You sound so upbeat and happy, I'm glad you've had such a good year.

  3. Lovely to hear you are so happy and contented. Happy New Year to you :)

  4. Pleased you had a lovely time,even if you did leave us unsupervised all week ;)
    Happy New Year xx

  5. Glad to hear you so positive and happy, and after a crafting week with your best friend, what more can you ask for?! All the best for 2016, and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  6. Sounds like a fantastic week, it's great to enjoy life! Happy New Year x

  7. Glad you had such a good time with your friend! They sound like a real treasure. Happy New Year! Here's to a good 2016! xx

  8. Happy new year! Good luck with your plans.

  9. Girls have to have fun, good on you for throwing yourself in to it. Hope that 2016 brings everything that you are hoping for and a bit more to boot.

  10. Oh, your week sounds wonderful. Hope you weren't impacted too heavily with the rain? There again, ensconced with a buddy - who cares about the weather :)

    All good wishes for 2016 Dawn

  11. Sounds like the perfect few days. I'm looking forward to reading all about your plans for the new year and thank you for all your posts last year. They have been inspiring, I hope to be able to do just a few of the things you have achieved in your new life when we find our home in the country.

  12. Hope all your plans come to fruition in 2016 Dawn.

  13. Happy New year! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friend. Looking forward to reading about your new venture!

  14. Happy New Year to you, your week sounds wonderful.


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