Sunday 27 December 2015

Weather Forcasting

I hope you have all stayed safe over the holidays
There has been some dreadful weather about
Talking of weather, back in November Martin got me weather station for my birthday
Well we have now got it all set up
 There is an old gate post in the field, been there donkeys years, Martin has mounted the weather station on top of it.
 This is the working part of it all, and it transmits data to the base station
 The base station displays the current weather conditions and also stores the data,
I can plug it into my laptop and retrieve all the data, I have yet to learn all that bit of it
Its going to be an interesting past time, I can also set alarms on it so if the temperature drops to freezing and I have tender plants out I can protect them.
 A couple of things I got for Christmas, a new bee suit, my other had a few rips it in not what you want when handling bees.
Also another pair of wellies what a fab colour, I am keeping these for best
I also got some crafting gifts, and we got a few items for the house.
right now I am waiting for my friend to arrive, she is coming for a few days, really looking forward to seeing her.
I have a joint of Lamb in the oven for tonight's dinner, tomorrow I am cooking a ham, so we will have plenty of time to spend together.
Martin has taken Sol off for a walk on the beach.
He had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed opening his present
It was a very quiet day here, total rubbish on the TV, weather wasn't good either
so the day was spent in front of the fire :-)


  1. That weather station looks great, you'll get lots of data off that and you'll be forewarned of what's coming, just the thing when you grow your own. It looks like Sol got a present he liked too.

  2. What a useful bit of kit that weather station is, will be such a boon to you. Love the favourite colour.

  3. Hi Dawn.sounds like you had a great Christmas with lots of useful goodies. I love the weather station. We drove to my youngest daughters in Ipswich yesterday and it was positively humid at 16 degrees. When we drove home at almost 10 last night it was 13 degrees.

  4. I shall use you instead of the Met Office when I want a reliable weather forecast then Dawn!

    I now have wellyh-boot envy, to go along with frying pan envy (one I bought for Gabby), book envy (one I got for a friend) and showing-off apron!!!

  5. It will be interesting to follow your weather station reports Dawn. Raining here in West Cork for the next fifteen days. Climate change is with us all.

  6. A day in front of the fire with a good book or knitting project is a treat! Love the weather station - I've always wanted one. And love the wellies! Great color.

  7. Having wellies for best is very posh!

  8. I love reading your blog! It's gray, drab, and wet here. The neat phrases and descriptions you use just cheer me up!

  9. I hope you enjoyed your day in front of the fire :). Your weather station looks great, hope you can work it all out!


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