Wednesday 23 December 2015

A Bit Of Seasonal Stuff

I got into the spirit of the season today 
and put out a few decorations
 Mr and Mrs Gnome are from a workshop I ran a couple of years ago
 I have hung this stocking for Sol it is again a sample from another workshop
 My wooden candle pyramid I have had since my kids were young and its still doing well, I love the way the heat from the candles makes it all revolve
 This glass Christmas bell I bought when we were in Germany with friends and visited a Christmas market
 New this year, wax led candles, I stitched out a design and fixed them to the candles
being wax they look so realistic
So its just a few bits around the fireplace this year.
I did make a new table runner as well
Martin is due home again tonight I am looking forward to having him home for nearly three weeks
And I am looking forward to my friend coming for a few days next week.


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas and well deserved time together. Love the gnomes, you'll have to do a video lesson for us. All the best for 2016 Dawn & Martin

  2. Have a lovely Christmas.........just think how many jobs he will be able to get done in 3 weeks!!

  3. Make merry...and spoil that doggie! x

  4. What a neat beautiful bunch of rustic Chrismassy pictures I loved em!!!

    You are right those candles do look realistic.

  5. Your decorations are pretty - photos are so sweet. Have a grand time and a very Merry Christmas.

  6. Lovely details! And when they all have personal meanings, it makes them really special.

  7. Love your bits and pieces especially the gnomes :)


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