Saturday 5 December 2015

Alive Alive O

Crying cockles and mussels, alive, alive-O!
Alive, alive-O! alive, alive-O!
Well we got the Cockles, An Impromptu trip to Llansteffan beach late this afternoon saw us collecting a bag of cockles while walking Sol,
It was blowing a gale at the time, we were in Llansteffan collecting a truck load of Bamboo plants more on that another day.
 Sol had a great time running up and down the beach, fetching sticks
 Martin and Sol had a quick paddle,
 even though the weather was foul.
The cockles have all been washed and are now purging,
They will be cooked up tomorrow.
This morning I did my last craft fair of the year 

It was a good morning although a hectic start of the day for me, 
Martin wasn't getting home until today works Christmas do last night, this of course meant I had to do early feed rounds in the dark so I could be down the hall for 9am, it was bowing a gale not very nice out there at all. 
This afternoon with the wind we have damage to greenhouse and poly tunnel door, also lost tiles off the cabin roof, tomorrow will be repair day.
Hope you are all staying safe indoors, there has been lots of flood warnings and people being evacuated.



  1. Terrible floods up here Dawn, but thankfully more in the West than the East. Those cockles look scrumptious.

  2. haven't eaten cockles for years, when I was very young we used to go up to North Norfolk cockling.

  3. I used to collect cockles for my father when I was a teenager. I loved looking for the blow holes and digging them up, sadly I don't luke them myself.

  4. So are those like clams? I guess I don't really know what a cockle is.

  5. The damage reports have been awful haven't they, time to count some blessings I think. I love that you picked your own cockles. x

  6. Molly Malone goes to Wales. Have you ever thought of collecting sea glass from the beaches to make jewellery? It's been horrible and wet and windy but no damage.

  7. I've lost a couple of panels from my greenhouse but they're only in next door's garden so I shall go and retrieve them soon. It's years since I've had cockles, I do like mussels though.

  8. I did wonder how you would fare up there Dawn. Could have been worse, but greenhouse damage is never good. (Glad to report multiple binder twine and breeze blocks have kept my pathetic green polytunnel still within our boundaries . . .)

    I love it down at Llansteffan. Did you have to walk out far for the cockles?

    Your stall looked great - I hope you brought very little home with you.

  9. I love sea food and have only had one bad experience when we were in the camper van, so bad in fact we had to move pitch!

  10. Hi Dawn, thanks for your comment! I hope you haven't had any more damage up there. We've had strong gales but nothing broken thankfully


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