Tuesday 7 June 2016

We Like Mushrooms

We do like mushrooms, so versatile, they go with just about anything, 
I have tried over the years growing mushroom kits with some success,
This time I am trying it on a bigger scale
 I ordered mushroom spawn from The Mushroom Box, I have used some of there kits before and found the quality a lot better than those dried up ones from the garden center. 
I went for Button Mushrooms and Portobella.
 The compost has been prepared over the last few weeks, from horse manure mixed with straw, today I mixed in the spawn.
The compost is all in a builders bag, once the spawn has been mixed in it all gets covered with a sheet of polythene, so CO2 is produced this helps the mushroom spawn to grow.
It will be a few weeks before there is signs of life if any.
Then a layer of garden compost goes over the top and the polythene cover comes off.
When I ordered the spawn I also ordered some dowels impregnated with spawn for mushroom logs.

 I picked out two logs from broad leaf trees that had been cut some time ago.
 50 holes were drilled into each log, the dowels pushed in
 Then the holes were sealed with natural wax.
 The logs are in the shade with the big mushroom bag
So this is my mushroom growing area, In the shade and close by for watering.
If it works out fine then we will make some boxes for growing mushrooms.


  1. Wow, you are going to be self sufficient in everything soon!

  2. I hope they produce loads of mushrooms for you. Love all the produce growing in the poly tunnel. What a great year you are having.

  3. Another good idea! I would also like to grow mushrooms, but not this year.
    Am having to reign Lester in about ordering the poly.....otherwise the chicken project will never get finished!

  4. Brilliant idea, I shall look forward to the updates x

  5. Sounds a lovely idea. I remember my brother growing mushrooms many years ago and all the family were inunated with them.
    I love a good mushroom omelette

  6. I bet they will taste a lot better than the rubbishy things in plastic packs from the supermarket-x-

  7. Great job, I quite expect you to try growing tea at any time soon. It is fun to try new things out. Fingers crossed that all your fungi do well.

  8. Fab! Jon and I are going to try the dowel method very soon. Good look with this harvest.

  9. They look great. I certainly fancy giving the impregnanted log idea a go!

  10. Good luck! Ours didn't produce the first time we tried. I'm anxious to give it another go.

  11. I'm another who's mushies never amounted to everything with a pre packed kit. I'm hoping this works for you! What a great idea that log is too!

  12. You must have read my mind. I was going to ask you about growing mushrooms as I thought you bought a kit a while ago. I love mushrooms too. Good luck it sounds like you've researched it well.

  13. I'm adding this to our list! Excellent, I wish you every success.


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