Wednesday 29 June 2016

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Well so they say, although we have had a few heavy down pours the past few days once it passes over the sun has popped out to say hello, This evening has been ok, I have just been out to water the poly tunnels and have a quick look around the veg beds.
 The garlic is fantastic
 I am looking forward to harvesting it, I grew it from some of our saved garlic from last year.
 The peas that were started in the guttering are romping away with lots of pods, another week and we should be picking them
 Plenty of nice heads forming on the globe artichokes, they are now big enough to start eating.
 Behind them the Jerusalem Artichokes a lovely late season vegetable.
 The parsnips are growing in one of the pallet collar beds outside the 1st poly tunnel.
 My son has put together the beds outside the 2nd poly tunnel they are now ready for planting, I might get started on it tomorrow if the weather holds.
 Onions these were planted in the Autumn
 These were planted in the spring,
 My £1 clematis I bought last year has really come on well
 My first lily to flower this year, adds a lovely splash of orange, most of the flowering plants in the garden this time of year seem to be purples and pinks, I will have to rectify that.

Lets hope the rain holds off tomorrow, 


  1. The garden is looking'll be busy picking soon! x

  2. It has been raining again here all day today, the weather is so changeable isn't it. The two days before were sunny and now it is grey again. The flowers will cheer us up though!

  3. Love the green, love the flowers and love the rain :) were in deep winter here, cold, dry, hard frosts, not much doing...and I see the reminder of the summer in your garden :)

  4. Your garlic is huge ! Now harvested (last week ) Mine is smaller , usable though . We just haven't had enough rain here , the showers seem to miss us .

  5. I have a good garlic crop too - and the Elephant garlic - BLIMEY! So I will be self-sufficient in garlic and so will my daughters! Everything else - well there's some stuff growing and I wish I had sown more of it, in retrospect.

  6. All looking fantastic. Making the best of it here today, too.

  7. Love growing garlic. I've got four types in this year. What late season crops are you planting? I Need to get some swedes in soon.

  8. Everywhere looks to be doing well. We have lilies coming out which are just this colour.

  9. Everything is looking great!!! Gonna be running out of room when it's time to harvest everything!!!

  10. My garlic didn't do well and a third of my onions have bolted. I'm sure ts the weather we are having hot cold, hot cold, rain, wind and even more rain!!! Nevermind I'll try again this year.

  11. Beautiful plants! I'm wore out just imagining weeding all that!


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