Monday 6 June 2016

A Peep In The Tunnel

Its all go go go in the poly tunnel
 The first of the chillies are on there way, all the peppers and chillies are covered in flowers
 Plum tomatoes are swelling, these have set fruit first, the other variety's are now flowering
 Chick pea pods are filling up, again there are lots of these and lots more flowers coming.
 Alaska peas now ready for picking.
 Lots of lettuce
 Oca are coming on great
 Celery put on lots of growth
 Sweetcorn is now waist high
 Fennel is starting to bulb up, I am starting to take out the thinning's and adding them to salads.
 Yes there is plenty of salad, as produce is being used up I am re-sowing all in short rows, keeping the tunnel producing.

Tonight's dinner was all home produced
 More Salad, there was spring onions and radish as well
 New Potatoes
Chicken, Martin dispatched a cockerel yesterday and this big plate of meat will do several meals and the carcass and skin will be made into stock.

We have had some rain this evening at last with some rumbles of thunder, after another hot day, tomorrow is suppose to be the same.
I have been working on new craft lines they are up on my craft blog, when its too hot in the afternoon to work outside I head down the cabin.
Martin is away again tomorrow after being home for 10 days, it will be strange here without him, we did have a long list of jobs and most have been ticked off and a few others that were not on the list. 
Time to turn in now its hot muggy and humid again another restless night ahead. 


  1. Garden plants are looking really good!!! We get rain almost every day right now although today's rain was just a quick shower.

  2. Just got Lester to have a look at your poly.....he is very impressed, but I refuse to order our own poly until the chicken project is finished!
    Your own plate of DIY food....can't get any better than that.

  3. I'm playing catch up now, but my growing season is on the way

  4. i don't know how you resist keeping the skin for stock, I love eating it straight from the chicken when it's all hot crispy and salty, yum! 😊

    1. me too! when we have chicken/turkey - i eat all of the skin first - bahahahha!

  5. That is all looking fantastic, Dawn. We had rain last night and again now. My sweetcorn is getting on for about 10 inches I think. I have it outside so will be a while catching up to yours. Hope it does.

  6. It's all looking fantastic Dawn, are the chickpeas quite easy to grow? I'd quite like to have a go at them next year x

  7. I do love a tour around your poly tunnel. I can just imagine the smell of the tomatoes in the heat......there is no nicer smell.-x-

  8. Yay for summer and lots of great things growing!

  9. Wonderful to see everything growing so well.

  10. Dawn - your garden looks fantastic! but the salad makes me sooo sad! it looks so beautiful! we have a variety of lettuces that are up but i can't eat it without teeth. so i tried to blitzkreig all of the salad fixings into a mush....bleck! it just isn't the same. congrats on a meal fresh from your garden! that chicken looks so fresh and delicious!

    sending love. your friend,

  11. Hi Dawn I am really enjoying reading your blog, and your photos are an inspiration. Very interested in your chickpeas as this is the first year we have grown them and ours are outside (polytunnel to follow in the Autumn I hope!) Do you eat them green or dry them for the winter?

  12. I'm also fascinated about the chick peas! I'm planning to grow borlotti in enough quantity to dry next summer ( Southern Hemisphere ) so I'm keen to see what you do with your chickpeas!


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