Saturday 11 June 2016

Helping Out A Friend

Yesterday we had to go to Llansteffan 
About 40 minuets away, a friend was getting rid of a big clump of bamboo, we have already had several loads, 
I am using the bamboo to create wind shelter areas for the livestock, the animals can eat it as it grows as well, the Alpacas really like it, it wont be a problem if it romps away in the area its going, it helps her out getting rid of it and we can put it to use, I can also use the canes from it.
While we were there we popped down to the beach to give Sol a run.

He was straight into the water
 Running along the beach after his ball
There wasn't many people around at all
He was one happy tired dog
There was lots of dead jelly fish scattered over the beach, don't know why or what type they were, about a foot across.
We collected Cockles we will have them tonight for dinner
 Along with some bean sprouts I sprouted the other day,
 I have some red basil and broccoli sprouting
also some rocket these take a little longer and will be added to salads during the week.
When we got back Martin topped the fields and I headed down my cabin for a new make.
Details on my craft blog.




  1. Humm....that jellyfish looked like an alien to me! Good to see Sol having a run on the beach. x

  2. Dawn - glad that you helped out your friend - i would kill for bamboo shoots and will try to grow some next year. they make a great windbreak and or fenced-in area. plus your animals will love eating them! Sol looks so happy running up the beach....which reminded me that we haven't been down to the beach yet this year. a shame as the beach is a 5 minute drive and like your beach, always empty. your cockles remind me that we haven't gone getting mussells or clams yet this year - arghghgh. we've just been so busy and with jam's "part-time" that has become a full-time job - we really are hard-pressed for timefor the garden. but soon the garden will all be settled in, then it's just maintenance and there will be lots of river, beach, sand dune time. sending much love.

    your friend,

  3. Love that beach! Do try to go when there is a wind blowing up the estuary on a low tide - the sand blows horizontally and it is like a Saharan dessert storm effect. We spent ages once putting sticks and stones down to create sand patterns there! Good job it is such an empty beach usually.

  4. Cockles, nom nom! Dawn, if you still would like more bamboo we have all of ours dug up now, as you know, so please feel free to come for some clumps, or perhaps we could bring it over to you and take a look at your patch, now you have seen our little homestead?x

  5. Oh I need a trip to a beach somewhere. Haven't been for so long but we have a two hour trip to get to one unfortunately.
    The jelly fish and cockles I can happily live without :) -x-

  6. I've never seen cockles before, good gathering there!

  7. I keep thinking of sprouting seeds but it's something I never get round to!

  8. It's a lovely beach - we used to take the children there regularly when they were small. It sounds like you will be growing a bamboo forest now! Glad the Alpacas like to eat it anyway. I really MUST get my sprouter out and do my own bean sprouts. I've no excuse . . .


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