Thursday 20 August 2015

Fungi Foray In The Rain

We have had another wet day, waterproofs have been on and off all day, livestock and poultry still have to be fed regardless of the weather and Sol still expects a walk in the woods.
Here we are braving the weather not a good picture but its not easy doing a selfie in the rain with a dog at least I had waterproofs on Sol just gets wet.
There was a fair amount of fungi around this evening in the woods
 These above are Spiny Puffballs they are not edible
 This collection around the tree stump appeared overnight they were not there yesterday
 I don't know what this bract is growing on another stump
It looks like the slugs find this one tasty
I will have to look up the ones I don't know, its always handy to know what wild food there is in your area and with all fungi if you are not 100% sure with its identification then steer clear.

 The Blackberries are starting to ripen
We have been in the clouds most of the day this was the view heading home after our walk.

Once we were dried off I got my dinner
A lovely cold smoked kipper, I fried it in some olive oil and had it with mushrooms, fried eggs and bread and butter, its been a long time since I had a kipper. Cold smoked food needs cooking, Hot smoked food is ready to eat it gets cook as it is smoking.
As it has been so wet it has been a day for spending in, I have been placing orders for jars I need some more for canning and for when we take some honey off the hives, I have also sorted out bottles ready to make some Blackberry cordial and Rose Hip syrup when the hips are ready.
The rest of the day I have spent in the cabin on my sewing machine will update that post tomorrow on my craft blog.
I hope you have had a drier day were you are :-)


  1. Lovely sun in Stratford for the wedding

    1. Nothings beats a wedding in the sunshine I think we have another 3 days rain ahead plenty of time in the cabin crafting for me :-)

  2. The fungi that the slugs like is one of the Russulas - most of them are edible but avoid one known as The Sickener (for obvious reasons). The bract one could be a Birch Polypore. The quick growing ones above are probably Sulphur Tufts.

    We've been taking spore prints from an unidentifiable fungi so will look that up tomorrow.

    1. It was far to wet for spore prints, I usually do photos from underneath on top and location I like the challange of identifying a fungi :-)

  3. The prickly one is the earth ball/earth star sort, they are fairly common round here.

  4. We have some mushrooms growing in the cow poo that Lester recently put on the veg garden. They look like the white supermarket ones, but I am too nervous to give them a try without first taking to the local chemist, who apparently will tell me if they are safe to eat.
    Our blackberries have been really good this year, and I have picked loads. Not had time to do anything with them other than put some in the freezer, canned some others, and dehydrated the rest. Will sort out what to do with them in the winter when I have more time....I thought about a cordial or somesuch because Lester does not like the blackberry pips getting in his teeth!


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