Monday 10 August 2015

Its Spring Again !!!

I thought I was seeing things today when i came out the cabin after checking no I wasn't they were there
 The apple tree outside the cabin is coming into blossom again, I can only think because of the recent cold weather the tree thinks its now spring time
 I checked the one at the top of the garden no blossom but plenty of fruit, I have no idea what kind of apples they are.
 I keep meaning to show you the Piquant Pepper seeds that came from Dani in Africa that I was lucky enough to get in a give away, they were planted out in the tunnel after a very slow start they have come on great and are now starting to form flower buds, you never know we may get a few off them this year yet.
 Something else I haven't shown you in the poly tunnel that is doing really well is the Melons
They are at the stage were I need to to give them some support as the fruits are swelling daily and if I don't act soon the weight of the fruit will drag the plant down, in total I have counted 12 lovely melons coming on the three plants. They were an Italian melon I must look the name up.I am still hoping the watermelons come on a bit quicker they have small fruits at the moment if they don't get a move on they will be too late. I shall be cutting back the melon plants now so they divert there energy into the fruits. 
Right its off into the forest for a walk with Sol before I have dinner :-)


  1. Oh lucky you with the melons, some mollusc ate my plant x

    1. I did grow half a dozen plants to make sure I had some to plant in case of failures :-)

  2. My peppers are looking very leggy, I don't think they are getting enough sun where they are, oh dear failed again with my veg growing!

    1. You havent failed you are learning by mistakes at least you are trying :-)


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