Saturday 22 August 2015

A Lorry Load Of Goodies .......

Martin arrived hoe this morning with the lorry piled high with lots of goodies.
First off Sol got his pressie from Martin

 One very happy dog with his Jurassic bone

 Next was my turn, wooden pallet collars, the one on the right shows how they come they are hinged so within seconds one raised bed
 They stack on top of each other and have clips to hold them together, I got eight in total in exchange for a dozen eggs, good swap I think, I plan to use them 2 deep for carrots and parsnips as our soil is too rocky for them to get any depth. :-)
 Next was Hera's Panels these came from our yard and are being used to make a new Turkey run :-)
 Martin also bought me a new poo picker now we can poo pick together and get the job done quicker, the couple who poo pick together stay together :-)
Then it was these racks, I had them for the shop and they have been in storage at the yard since, I thought they would be ideal for storing the onions garlic and shallots and squash in. 

The rest of the lorry was taken up with wood for the wood store, all exciting stuff, other wives get flowers and chocolate bought for them I get a poo picker and lots of useful goodies.

Other news tomorrow I am picking up 6 POL chickens we cant keep up with the orders from ours and I have just arranged to go and see a man about some goats on Monday, we have put up some of the new Turkey run we will extend it at a later date and clipped there wings even though the panels are 6ft tall they can still fly over them so I hope wing clipping will put a stop to that.

Runner beans are now coming thick and fast, I harvested another basket of peas today and the french beans that are now slowing down, 7 cucumbers and a couple of dozen tomatoes and the first of the crook neck squash, still feeling a bit rough but getting better, we are having dinner when Martin gets back from walking Sol and then we are having a relaxing evening together :-)


  1. Oh Great excitement - GOATS! what breed? I still miss my girls. ( unless you are talking pygmy in which case I am NOT excited as they don't count as goats!!)

  2. Wow goats milk makes the best fudge, sounds fun with your expected additions to your plot. Glad to read you are feeling a bit better.

  3. More chickens is always good :)

    I am not much of a goat fan myself but mostly because I am biased towards sheep, I love sheep and lamb is the best meat in the world but most everybody else in the world keep goats so I assume I am just warped :)

    gratz and the kewl haul and I would say that you definitely made a good trade for one dozen eggs!!!!

  4. I love presents like your too. I not a flowers or chocolate girl. Give me a handmade strawberry trough every time.

  5. Goats milk, cheese, yogurt, sounds like heaven. I love goats no matter what size they are. Those pallet collars are an amazing swap, much more of a bargain than my new beds and none of the work. Just a touch of the green eyed monster there Dawn. My beat present was a load of well rotted manure for a wedding anniversary, it was even spread for me.

  6. Bwahahaha - "a couple who pick poo together stay together." couldn;t agree with you more either - not a chocolate and flowers girl either.

    Ooooh, those instant raised beds look wonderful. Definite envy here...

  7. Glad you're feeling a bit better. Who needs chocolates eh!!!! The goats sound very exciting, can't wait to hear and Dexter is very jealous of that bone!!!!!

  8. Martin knows 'how to treat a girl'!!! (and Sol looks very happy with his treat too..) Jx

  9. I have raised bed envy now! A good move to get goats - you won't know yourself soon. All good things come to those who wait, and your waiting has been long enough I think!

  10. They might not be the sort of presents for everyone, but I can see that they would all be perfect for you! Those raised beds are fantastic!!! xx


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