Thursday 13 August 2015

I Dont Think This Should Happen

 Yesterday when I was cleaning out the greenhouse it was hot but I didn't realise how hot, the plastic propagator trays had melted, I didn't seem them until this morning, there is shading on the greenhouse I check the thermometer that records the highest and lowest temperatures and it was reading 120 F that is the highest it records so it could well have been above that. I think I will contact the makers of tray's and see what they say.
 This morning I collected in another little harvest before the rains come, the Swiss chard has gone in the dehydrator, the peas have been podded and in the freezer also popped the pods in there as Martin wants them to make wine, the french beans are also in the freezer, the courgettes are starting to slow down now thank goodness, today's ones have been grated up and gone into the dehydrator and some were made into Courgette Loaf
 before they went into the oven
 when they came out
After I had a slice with butter.
The Recipe
220g shredded courgette
350g caster sugar
225ml of sunflower oil
3 whole eggs beaten
1tsp vanilla essence
330g SR flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
1tsp cinnamon
1tsp baking soda
1/2 cup of dried fruit ( I used cranberries in these)
heat oven to 160 C line 2 loaf tins
Beat together all ingredients except the dried fruit, once mixed add the dried fruit then divide mixture between tins pop in the oven for about an hour or until a skewer comes out clean, leave to cool and enjoy, freezes well.

I am going to slice one and freeze it the other we will have this week end, we have friends coming to visit this week end.
I got all the poultry housing cleaned out this morning usually a Friday job but rain is suppose to be happening tomorrow, tomorrow will be bread making.
I have hoover through and washed the floors, I also got Lamberts fleece soaking so it can be spun, more details on my craft blog about that.
All out door chores are done now waiting for all this rain to arrive, it started spitting as I was doing the afternoon feeds and it looks very grey out there. 
Time for something to eat I think :-) 


  1. I've never seen seed trays melt in the sun - incredible. Courgette loaf looks good.

  2. Oh my word Dawn, you're probably the only person that's happened to! I'd love to know what the reply from the makers is. Courgettes slowing down pfft I'm waiting for mine to start, out of five plants three died & one courgette! xx

  3. My goodness that must have been incredibly hot! Scary to realise the power of the sun heating up the greenhouse like that. Hope nothing else was damaged. Great harvest you have had! I like your comment that thank goodness the courgettes have slowed down! I imagine you being inundated with giant prize winning marrows all around the place otherwise! xx

  4. Very wise to get the outdoor jobs done, I started tidying the garden yesterday but it has been chucking it down today so rain stops play. Still warm but not as warm as your greenhouse!

  5. Crikey that's hot!.
    Thanks for the cake recipe, will deffo try it.
    I picked mountains of stuff today as if we get the rain that is forecast some will be spoiled and the ground will be too wet to walk on.

  6. Fancy that! It hasn't really been that hot lately either. :-)

  7. Nice recipe, and am going to have a go at making it when I find some moments to spare....


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